Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Days of Douglass: Lest we offend, "wounded feelings" will be the least of our concerns.

Frederick Douglass advised, "A man's rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box."  The Elder Statesman of the Radical Republicans understood that free people must continually fight to protect themselves from ever-encroaching plunderers of liberty.  Douglass knew that the absence of freedom was the surrender of self-determination and free will.  Douglass did not seek reparations for a few but emancipation from slavery and deliverance from injustice for all.  He also knew that only a Nation that pursued Christ would assure the liberties of others.  One need be free of the bondage of sin and free to choose their life course in order to fully appreciate the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The well-examined life requires us to fully explore our Constitutional obligations.  In answer to our selves and others, we must employ Douglass' defense tools as a portion of the Constitutional allotment upon which we are availed.  Our Constitution in fact guarantees at least six:

The Soap Box—right of free speech
The Moving Box—right of association, in particular territory via migration
The Mail Box—the duty to contact our representatives and demand protection of our God given rights
The Ballot Box—right to a voice in your government
The Jury Box—right to a trial by jury of your peers
The Ammunition Box—right to threaten or use appropriate violence in self-defense

Unfortunately, the Leftists, since the Days of Douglass, have, through variant venues, impressed upon Constitutionalists to be ashamed of their fierce defensive and combative nature.  Our arguments did not fully consider the "feelings" of others and presented a negative, less compassionate image to our fraternal allies in foreign lands.  In order to be "friendly", we lowered our defenses and restrained our displeasure.  We allowed our children, through multiple cultural institutions, to be indoctrinated with beliefs, concepts and values that were complete antithesis to the principles and doctrines of Douglass.  We were once lions and now, ostracized as lambs.  With firearms and ammunition imported covertly by the National Rifle Association of America, we once fought men in hooded sheets to protect the freedoms of our families and to encourage the liberty of our Nation.  Today, we fight for zoning privileges and tax-payer funded genocide in order to build the most elaborate population control centers in our urban hubs.  While our Nation perishes for a lack of knowledge, our children die in our daughter's wombs for a lack of freedom.

It has become easier to train our sons to fear the police and our daughters to embrace Planned Parenthood.

I can see the Elder Statesman Douglass resting his face in his hands, upon a beautiful porch in Anacostia.  Looking over DC's inner city to the US Capitol, I can imagine his disgust at his children's children's acceptance of political slavery, corrupt indoctrination and economic futility as modern day symbols of freedom and liberty.  As he lifts his eyes to the horizon, a tear drop wrestles with his cheek.  His heritage has, for the sake of offense, forgotten the example of their ancestors, whom fought on Battlefields for the North and the South, that they would choose, in all of their blood, sweat and tears, at the cost of all, life and liberty.

Mr. and Ms. Down-Low Urban Conservative, it's time to come out of the closet and save your family, your neighborhood, your City and your Nation.

You will be offensive, if you do it right.  

What, offend?  Salvation requires that you "wound the feelings" to preserve the soul.  Your neighbor was told that the "Tammany Hall" politicians would make their lives better by taking more out of their wallets in securing their health, wealth and well-being.  Their health care costs rose beyond the promise and their choices of physicians fell.  While they may have a job, their income did not rise and their children remain sleeping on the couch, waiting for opportunity to knock.  However, opportunity has been counted among those that have given up looking for a job.

What's happening with the kids' non-existent 401(k) retirement plans?  We'll always have Social Security.  Sure!  Well-being is wonderful on one side of town.  On the other, police fear being thrown under the bus by their governance or resisting the cries against community policing because "race" is now the root of all evil.  Well-being is hard to secure from our representatives when it is easier to serve time for lifting funds from a Children's Trust.

Okay, it's easier for me.  As a media personality, I am acquainted with objections from #BlackLivesMatter  and the Syrian Revolutionary Network.  I am comfortable with being fired because of my beliefs and how I express myself.  I have become accustomed with the distance from family and former friends because I just won't settle for the Democrat-Socialist okie doke.  Dude, people have said that they would help me with the investigation of my daughter's murder if I would just stand with them!  I know.  I know.  However, courage is not easy to possess.  It is earned by life experience.  Yet, some wages need not be paid by our children and grandchildren.  Loving and caring for them means offending those that would take away their lives and their livelihood.  Lest we offend, our children will not prosper.  Lest we offend, our places of worship will become the pews of terror.  Lest we offend, "wounded feelings" will be the least of our concerns.