Monday, August 28, 2017

Red August: When One's Race Is Determined by Ideologues and Demagogues

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.  –  C.S. Lewis

There is but one mass of concrete, mortar, and bronze that seems out of the reach of the Extreme Leftists of Our Day.  Mind you, for the moment, it is out of reach but, certainly, not out of mind.  At Boston Common, between Tremont St and Avery St in Boston, Massachusetts, there arising from the Earth is a cylindrical monument to the revolutionary deeds of America's first martyrs of patriotism.  It honors the deaths of Crispus Attucks, James Caldwell, Patrick Carr, Samuel Gray and Samuel Maverick.  They that perished on Monday, March 5, 1770,  during the "Incident on King Street", would harness the revolutionary spirit of one-third of the American colonists.  Paul Revere and Samuel Adams led the "propaganda war" that would memorialize their deaths and lead to the overthrow of British rule.  Standing 25 feet high and 10 feet wide, it has weathered the mighty blasts of winter and the intensive heat of summers.  Those that gave their lives for the causes of liberty, freedom, natural rights, and sovereignty will be eternally observed by the Boston Massacre / Crispus Attucks monument.  Less the Extreme Leftists wrest this mighty symbol of individual sovereignty with a hammer, sickle, and chain.

The Nation has been seized by the Extreme Leftists' and Establishment Apologists' narratives regarding race, expunging history, and political correctness.  The term is not merely crafted as a metaphor but, used as a literal expression of how millions of Americans are held captive by those that report and commentate on the violent intentions of such vile groups as ANTIFA, the Ku Klux Klan, BlackLivesMatters, The Triangle People’s Assembly, Workers World Party, Industrial Workers of the World, Democratic Socialists of America and others.  Reporters and commentators, with tears that neither Frederick Douglass or Hariett Tubmen ever wasted,  provocateurs to their coming American revolution, tear into the President of the United States Donald J. Trump for being morally depraved and others questioning his mental stability.  Amazingly, since he only spoke words in observation, the Leftists organized every unit of their revolutionary army to attack the innocent and defend the guilty.  Like clockwork or deceitful strategy, the Establishment cowered accepting blame for over 400 years of Democrat oppression.  When time passed, the world discovered that Trump was right yet, the damage was done.  Millions of Americans were indicted as "racists" in the Court of Public Opinion.  History began to disappear before our very eyes.  The Radicals cried aloud for Impeachment and even their Legislative Statesmen demand his assassination. Their comics raised the severed head of Trump and, now, even his "friends" on Capitol Hill were questioning his resolution towards ending slavery in the United States.  Wait a minute, we have done that already?!  The Leftists brought the Hammer and Sickle and the Establishment the chains and ropes.

Envigorated, the Leftists' armies marched from Charlottesville, VA to Chicago, IL and then, onward to Pheonix, AZ.  Throughout their campaign, Leftists stole the spotlight as beleaguered and misunderstood "peace protestors", killed a woman, and destroyed public and private property throughout.  Liken General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Left coalesce their independent corps and raid cities, drawing attentions away from more immediate matters, both foreign and domestic.  Their sympathizers in governance order their law enforcement to "stand down".  Whether to burn down Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, or terrorize Dallas, TX, the Leftists are a "resistance" that is determined to overthrow the current Administration and, if given the proper winds of battle, the United States.

Even within states facing imminent natural disaster, the Left is willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands for the sake of withstanding the wisdom of conservatives.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Houston residents, on August 25, 2017, that even in the absence of an official evacuation order that leaving was essential to sustaining life and health.

"Even if an evacuation order has not been issued by your local official, if you are in areas between Corpus Christi and Houston ... you need to strongly consider evacuating," Abbott said mid-day Friday in a basement bunker at the state emergency operations center in Austin.

The Left instantly bristled.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said on Friday evacuation was not necessary: “There are a number of people who are in Hurricane Harvey’s direct path, and evacuation orders have been given to them. But for the Houston area… this is a rainmaker for us. There’s no need for people to be thinking about putting themselves in greater danger.”

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said: “stay where you are and ride out the storm… We don’t anticipate any kind of massive evacuation.”

How dare the white governor of Texas order us to leave our fair city of Houston.  Does he not know that we stole the rainbow from Noah and no harm shall come our way?  What could a stinking conservative know about Life?  We built the largest abortion clinic in America within our borders.  We know how to protect life.  

Yes.  What will 50 inches of rain do to Houston?  "Just a rainmaker for us."  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  So you must know that federal help through the State Governor will help the many in need in Houston, Mr. Mayor.  No sense being prideful Mr. Mayor about this mistake.  I mean as a prophet, and you are a believer in prayer, you appeared on the "Isaiah Talk" Show on Fox 26 and told the people, "Peace, Peace, Peace".  The Show Host, the Vice-Mayor, and you sang from the same music sheet "No Worries, Be Happy".  I know that there are other major concerns for Blacks in Houston than flood waters from Hurricane Harvey.  Last week, more than 400 socialists, liberals, and Black Lives Matter activists showed up to demand the removal a controversial Confederate monument in Sam Houston Park.  They were concerned that you had to toil in the shadow of the Confederacy:

"It's deeper than statues," said Ashton Woods, Black Lives Matters organizer. "The statue is a symbolic gesture on both sides. It was erected to intimidate people who look like me...[Houston's black leaders, such as Sylvester Turner, are forced to work] in the shadow of a Confederate statue".

The Left's radicals will not mind you relenting your "blackness" for a moment and then, asking for some help.  I know he is white and you are black.  I know that he has looked very successful and you foolish.  Certainly, the lives of the good people of Houston are of greater value than your demagoguery.  Certainly, you may bend from your ideological tree branch, from whence your blackness grows, and say, "Mr. Governor, we need your help."  Maybe just a private call from your cell phone.  No one will have to know.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said at an Austin news conference Sunday that he hasn’t yet spoken with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner since Hurricane Harvey hit the city on Friday, the AP reported. The governor said he has tried calling Turner’s cell phone “several times” to “let him know that, whatever he needs, the state of Texas will provide,” but has not yet heard back.

Well, now we know.

Then, there is Berkeley.  Let us follow-on as the Washington Post romanticizes the Left's onslaught:

"Their faces hidden behind black bandannas and hoodies, about a 100 anarchists and antifa — “anti-fascist” — barreled into a protest Sunday afternoon in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.

Jumping over plastic and concrete barriers, the group melted into a larger crowd of around 2,000 that had marched peacefully throughout the sunny afternoon for a “Rally Against Hate” gathering.

Shortly after, violence began to flare: a pepper-spray wielding Trump supporter was smacked to the ground with homemade shields. Another was attacked by five black-clad antifas, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself. A conservative group leader retreated for safety behind a line of riot police as marchers chucked water bottles, shot off pepper spray, and screamed “fascist go home!”

All told, the Associated Press reported at least five individuals were attacked. Fourteen arrests were made throughout the afternoon, when anti-hate and left-wing protesters largely drowned out the smaller clutch of far-right marchers attending a planned “No to Marxism in America” rally in the park. An AP reporter witnessed the assaults."
Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are mere Philistines placed in a Gladiator's ring before a fanciful mob.  No, the Left's propagandists regale that their warriors were at the Battle of Berkely and see how mighty they were.  They brought spears and shields to wield against the whimsical infidels.  The brave rebels destroyed the flanks of those that marched in peace, especially the "rubes" that are the Trump supporters and conservatives.  Look how cowardly they fell before our warriors.  They even left a woman alone to defend herself against our 100!  O, how mighty we are!  All Hail the Resistance!

Yes, the Leftists celebrate their victories on newspaper pages and the reporting of local, national, and cable media.  What you do not see is the citizen journalism of persons like Lauren Southern:

"The cops enabled this by standing down.  The media enabled this by propagandizing Trump supporters as "Nazis".  And pathetic, disgusting Republicans like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio have enabled this by excusing Antifa's violence.  It is now open season on Trump supporters.  Be ready."

Succinct and true is this reporting.  While you will find it on TECN® TV, there are not many willing to warn the public for fear of being deemed, dare I say it aloud that it may scare the chickens in the coop, "RACISTS!"  No, darlings, this is not a war about race.  You are watching a Civil War unfold based on the lethal defense of ideologies and dogmatic protection of radicals by demagogs.  To the Leftists, for whom value only the lives that made it safely the womb and align with the principles of tyranny, your race is the ideology.  Domination is the only pursuit.  There is no room for discourse.  Negotiation is futile.  If you want to survive then, you will submit.

Why the significance of Crispus Attucks' monument?  The "mulatto" Crispus Attacks represents a sensational example of a man that would die for the cause of liberty and freedom for all despite his individual condition.  Attucks is renown as the first to die at the Boston Massacre.  He was also the first American to die in the revolution against Britain.  Born to Prince Yonger, an African-born slave, and Nanny Peterattucks, a Natick Native American, he was described as a "huge mulatto" by witnesses of the Massacre.  Many cultural victimologists would attempt to convince you that Attacks was forced there by those that professed "privilege" or that he happened to just be walking by at the moment.  One would think, certainly, that he did not choose this moment.  As a former slave, he must have been those that would fight to protect the natural rights of all Americans.  Attucks had been failed by "the system" and "the man" had taken his freedom.  How far from the truth yet, essential for maintaining the ignorance of a Nation and dominion of it by the false narrative.  The Crispus Attucks Museum reveals the truth:

"Captain Preston and his soldiers had to break through the crowd in order to get to the station and in doing so pushed several people with their rifles giving the impression that they intended to attack them. Most people in the crowd were peaceful but a group of 30 or 40 individuals led by a huge mulatto, Crispus Attucks, was striking at the soldiers with clubs and cutlass and throwing snow balls and chucks of ice.  As they came close to the soldiers’ bayonets the mob dared the soldiers to fire shouting: “Come on you rascals, you bloody scoundrels, you lobsterbacks, fire if you dare, we know you dare not”. Sensible bystanders, like bookshop owner Henry Knox, urged Preston not give the order to fire. Preston had no control over the crowd, they knew that soldiers could not fire until they were read the Riot Act. This act ordered the dispersal of any group of more than twelve people who were “unlawfully, riotously and tumultuously assembled together”. If the group failed to disperse within one hour,  anyone remaining was guilty of felony punishable by death without the benefit of the clergy.

The scene was tense and at this point one of the soldiers was hit with a club and a shot was fired. Six seconds elapsed followed by a round of shots. Eleven men were lying on the ground, four of them were dead, one died later of his wounds and six were wounded but survived. The crowd dispersed as soon as the shots were fired."

Yes, my friends.  Crispus Attucks led the rebellion on King Street that night.  During this period of slavery in America, a black man led the revolution against Britain.  He desired all men's natural rights to be protected from excessive government intervention.  Attucks was aware.  He had drunk with his fellow colonists.  Some escaped slaves.  Some indentured servants.  Some free.  Yet, all oppressed by Mother England and King George.  He was aware of the protestations of rabble rouser Samuel Adams.  He was living under the tyranny of the Intolerable Acts.  Attucks understood the risks of attacking the British military.  Attucks had had enough and so did 30 - 40 other men, all white.  They followed Attucks.  He was not a slave.  He was not black.  He was not an Indian.  On the night of the Boston Massacre, Attucks was an American.

Black Lives Matters organizer Woods put it best, "The statue is a symbolic gesture..."  It is never really about the objects.  They are the status symbols of terrorists.  Like on the weekend that you are promoted to the corner office, you visit the local Mercedes Benz dealership to trade in your Honda, it is a symbol of your success.  Terrorists want his or her name in lights and their tactics of fear to garner praise and criticism.  I. William Zartman and Guy Olivier Faure (Eds.)., Experts in the Art of Negotiating with Terrorists, explain, "The first hour of hostage taking is usually the most dangerous for hostages, as the terrorists are both nervous and aggressive. When the situation has become more stable, the risk of having to face unexpected events reduces on both sides. Then, the real negotiation can start."  The past years, for many Americans, represent the first hour.

Americans have been taken hostage by the cultural institutions that they have relied upon for generations.  The instability is unsettling.  You ask of the groups mentioned earlier--ANTIFA, the Ku Klux Klan, BlackLivesMatters, The Triangle People’s Assembly, Workers World Party, Industrial Workers of the World, and Democratic Socialists of America, they are Americans like me, right?  No!  They find you and your America a sincere threat.  They believe that the only way to end your cultural dominance is to destroy you and your America.  Your freedom scares their irrationality.  Your liberties should be controlled and limited but, not your government.  Your natural rights impede their civil rights.  The Left warned you.  They tried to be nice.  They sought your approval through the Courts and were rejected.  They tried electoral politics and then, your America rejected them.  They seek but one thing, dominion.  If you are in their way then, you will be destroyed.  This is their negotiations.

Yes, America, they soon come for Crispus Attucks.


Kenneth McClenton 
is an Urban Conservative Whose Mission Is to 
Spread the Good News of Christianity, Conservatism, Capitalism, Constitutionalism, 
and Individual Sovereignty throughout the World.  
Devoted to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, He Believes that in 
Order to Save the United States, We Must Mutually Pledge Our Lives, Our Fortunes, 
and Our Sacred Honor to Save Urban America.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Blue Scare: Are the Democrat Party's Factions America's Most Deadly Terrorist Threats?

Cable News Network's (CNN) Wolf Blitzer is a brilliant guru of human terrorism.  Having spent time in Jerusalem learning Hebrew, Blitzer is well-trained to recognize terror within the confines of mob rule.  How could we not see it?  The Leftists--the Ku Klux Klan, Antifa, BlackLivesMatter, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Skin Heads, and other violent persons who hold views associated with the political left--assembled in Charlottesville, VA to terrorize a Nation into making an ideological change.  By the way, when was the last time you saw any of these groups at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) Conference at National Harbor, MD?  Yeah, me too, none!!!  Wonder why all of the Republicans In Name Only (RINO's) were so committed to the Left's Narrative on Racism?  Could it be that they have been the hit piece subjects of President Donald Trump's Tweets?  Maybe we do want Congress to work while in session, Mitch & Paul.  Keep on tweeting, Mr. President!  You are certainly more accurate than the Fake News Media covering a Catholic Mass at Easter.  No, Fake News Guys!  This is not the Holy Day where Jesus is in a Manger!!!

I digress.

The inconvenient truth is that statues were never the intent.  An objective, yes.  The Triangle People’s Assembly, Workers World Party, Industrial Workers of the World, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Antifa movement were in Durham, North Carolina to literally tear down a Confederate statue on the Monday following Charlottesville.  Daily Signal's Editor Jarett Stepman writes, "It is a perfect example of how tribal and identity politics are raging out of control in America, and how radicals will continue to ratchet up their tactics to match one another."  O Baby, Bye, Bye, Bye!  Once again, when was the last time you saw any of the named groups at CPAC but to threaten and intimidate conference attendees?  Their goal is not to debate and find agreement in discourse.  They are the terrorist armies of the Democrat Party, protectors of the most violent and deadly groups in America, including Planned Parenthood.  Their goal was to destabilize society and to force Americans to submit to the political and ideological pursuits of the Left.

US Senator Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee, who could not convince fellow Tennesseean US Senator Lamar Alexander to repeal Obama Care, commented recently, "The president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competence, that he needs to demonstrate in order for him to be successful — and our nation and our world needs for him to be successful, whether you are Republican or Democrat...He also recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation...He has not demonstrated that he understands what has made this nation great and what it is today.  And he’s got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that.  Without the things I just mentioned happening, our nation is going to go through great peril.”

Mind you Trump called out evil for what it was in Charlottesville and Barcelona.  However, he did not say it in the illustrious outline of the Capitol Hill Media Clergy, mind you, they are Leftist's narrators of propaganda 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Trump did not dance with Washington's egalitarian gatekeepers, the ones that liked Obama's tweet on Charlottesville, and now there would be Hell to Pay!!!  The milquetoast responses by hardened GOP establishmentarian-ists towards President Trump gave political cover to the half-truths reported on Charlottesville by the Washington and New York media elite.  Former Presidential hopefuls, Governor Mitt Romney and US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) attacked Trump for virtually being morally inept and incompetent in dealing with the Charlottesville matter.  Wait a minute did former Attorney General Loretta Lynch give us permission to refer to this as a "matter"?  The Left so lit up the midnight media sky with the former Presidential candidates' comments that we were almost eclipsed of the reporting of a Missouri State Senator calling for the assassination of the President of the United States of America.  O, but, wait a minute.  That Senator was a Democrat.  It is allowed under the Geneva Convention for the Democrat Party to terrorize.  Nothing to see here.  Hey, did you hear what GOP Senators and Congressmen are saying about their President?  

Thanks to white supremacists, Black people--more than I have seen since Election 2016--were invited to interview on cable networks across New York City, Washington, DC, and Atlanta.  Remember, now, Blacks can not be racists but can be experts on racism.  They cried because racism is so bad in this country.  They cried because the angry white people are terrorizing and may force "Afro-Americans" to go back to Africa.

Two points here.

First Point.  Does anyone think it racist that the only time that I see a large swath of black people being interviewed on cable news networks, including Eboni Williams' and Juan Williams' Fox, is when 30 people are murdered in Chicago on a weekday or when there is a threat of a Race War in America?  Correction.  I have not seen a large swath of black people being interviewed on cable news networks, including Eboni Williams' and Juan Williams' Fox, about Chicago recently.  Can anyone enjoy the irony of Media Coverage on Racism?  You know Black people can talk about foreign policy and the economy.  Breaking News!!!  Confederate Statues are being moved from Baltimore to lower crime and increase literacy.  I know, I know!  You don't need my opinion on the retrenchment of the stock market or North Korean Chairman Kim Jung-un's recent "tail between his legs" moment with President Trump.  Let me get my tissue so that I can cry about the "white racists".  I am getting paid, right?  Democrat Racists rumble in Charlottesville and black people are called in to talk about racism.  No Asians?  No Hispanics?  Just Black people?!  If racism exists then, it is most evident in the cable newsrooms of America.  By the way, how many murders in Chicago and Baltimore since they moved those statues?  I need that info for my Fantasy City Draft.

Second Point.  Ever wonder why Afro-Americans will run out to buy the most expensive dashiki yet, would prefer a trip to Paris, France rather, Johannesburg, South Africa?  Most Black Americans would prefer a lifetime in "racist" America over a week in their ancestral 3rd World home.  You better believe it!  In a Quora survey, "What do black Africans think about black Americans, and vice versa?", Linda Hale responded brutally:

Many African countries are still "3rd world" countries and what many people in Africa think about is what to eat.

There is so much poverty there that, no one has time to think about race or culture. They are already surrounded by different tribes/cultures, it will be impossible to count. No one dwells on those. People in poverty think about what they will eat. The one meal they will be able to afford in a day and what they are going to eat the next day.

If any African American were to visit any African country, I can assure you that as soon as they hear your American accent, they will absolutely adore you and be hospitable to you. Because you are from a "developed" country, duh.

I have noticed that, since "developed" or tertiary sectors have enough food to eat and good drinking water, they have all the basic needs down and have "extra" time to dwell on many things that are irrelevant. Things like race, skin tone, accent...like "what race is this or that person" or "what color is this or that person," really?...who really has time for all that???  Do they matter that much???"

Thank you, Linda, for wisdom in the Leftist's created chaos.

Just a quick economics point.  Dashiki comes in sneakers now.  You make the decision: $300 for Kevin Durant at the White House Dashiki Sneakers or $50 for School Supplies.  Choose the best option for your kid getting high SAT marks.  Be fair and balanced.  no worries, if you choose errantly then, you can always blame institutional racism.

I digress.

There is no Alt Right and no Alt Left.  It is all the Democrat Party.  Its factions are loyal to the causes of culture change.  In fact, they are in the midst of an over 100-year-old cultural revolution.  Since former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's fall into a black van in New York and eventual loss in the General Presidential Election, the American Left has done all that it can to reverse the outcome.  Unfortunately, there are some Republicans that have joined in solidarity to maintain the power of the establishment.  They are useful idiots in the warpath of the Left.  The radical factions within the party are willing to corrupt elections, gerrymander voting maps, disarm the American public, burn down cities and intimidate neighborhoods with rioting, and destroy public and private properties to destabilize the Nation.  The founding fathers of domestic terrorism are the Democrat Party, originators of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).  The Democrat Party has infiltrated every cultural institution in America.  Now the battle for whom shall be the leader is taking place before our very eyes.

The Democrat Party has always sought out the wayfarers Quimbo and Sambo to sell population control to groups that they deem minorities.  Abortion and illegal immigration are themes to such control.  The Second Bill of Rights secured under former President Barack Obama giving government control through health care of the lives of Americans.  However, from the Occupy Movement to Black Lives Matter to Antifa, something went wrong.  They were not winning.  Conservatives were winning.  This can not be.  Democrats were losing in the House.  Democrats were losing in the Senate.  Democrats were losing Court posts.  Democrats were losing legislative and gubernatorial races in states.  Democrats were losing.  Democrats had secured the inner cities with the absence of conservative imposition and made insurgencies into suburban and rural America.  The Democrats had electorally taken New York, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Baltimore.  If the Party were a Nation then, the Blue should have prevailed over the United States.  It did not.

Democrats had been selling America on the argument of the collective.  Your liberty for government security.  No longer would you as an individual have to live your life like a candle in the wind.  Your government would seize the day and cover you.  Uncle Sam would keep you, assure you, protect you, and make you equal to all and all equal to you in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I believe it better said this way: 

Society does not consist of individuals but expresses the sum of interrelations, the relations within which these individuals stand.
— Karl Marx, Grundrisse, 1858

The ideology was winning and then, it was not.  The Democrat Party set a course by which Americans would pay.  You will submit or be made to submit, from Latin submittere "to yield, lower, let down, put under, reduce".  Wait a minute, where have I heard of ideological terrorism before.  Hmmmmmmmmmm?

Jos Ilagan, a former Intelligence Officer and author of The Zhongguo Orchestra--a political-thriller novel, defines terrorism as "a form of psychological warfare that intends to diminish the will of the people and influence their collective frame of mind against the established government."  Marshall Frank, an author, refers to the threefold purposes of Islamic terror:

1)      To punish.  We see this most often in Islamic countries, like Iraq and Pakistan, to punish anyone or any organization that has been cooperating with us in the ongoing conflicts.

2)      To distract.  Often, the purveyors of terror play the shell game, causing us all to look one way, while something more sinister is happening where no one is looking.  In the past, I’ve suggested the possibility exists that Osama bin Laden and his cohorts knew full well that our response to an act of war on 9/11 would result in us deploying military resources by the billions to countries halfway around the world.  Meanwhile, we would remain comatose to the fact that the enemy is infiltrating the United States through the back door, by infiltration and deceit.

3)   To Intimidate. In other words, to scare.

In this, it became very easy for Blitzer to recognize terror in Barcelona, Spain.  The vessel of the tactic was a car.  The Radical Violent American Left had used one in Charlottesville.  The Radical European Violent Jihadist had used it in Barcelona.

Can't you see what Wolf sees?  

A 32-year-old woman was killed Saturday and 19 others were injured in Charlottesville when a man drove a car into an assembled group.  Heather Heyer's mother, Susan Bro, offered her daughter as a martyr for the causes of the Radical Violent American Left.  In Barcelona, a van came to a halt after killing at least 13 and injuring 100.  The Islamic State of Islam and Sham (ISIS) immediately took credit and offered their "soldiers" as martyrs for the causes of the Radical European Violent Jihadist.  ISIS gleefully advised in a statement, "The perpetrators of the Barcelona attack are soldiers of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls for targeting coalition states."  Yes, yes, Wolf, it's a copycat.  However, it may not be the way that you see it.  The American Left may be copying the European Jihadist.  If so, statues are the least things at risk in America.

The Blue Scare is real.

Chairman of The Exceptional Conservative Network® / TECN-TV, 
is an Urban Conservative Whose Mission Is to 
Spread the Good News of Christianity, Conservatism, Capitalism, Constitutionalism, 
and Individual Sovereignty throughout the World.  
Devoted to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, He Believes that in 
Order to Save the United States, We Must Mutually Pledge Our Lives, Our Fortunes, 
and Our Sacred Honor to Save Urban America.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Choosing the Future: The Power Of Media Is The Vessel of Change in Urban America

When the blessings of the Lord overtake you, it causes one to humbly consider their next steps.  I have been blessed recently with the responsibility of building two major Conservative Christian internet television networks.  The networks are to provide, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, content worthy of consideration by those seeking entertainment as well as enlightenment.  In a moment, God made me a servant leader of a dream and a prayer.  I tremble.

It has always been my dream to give the world, especially in urban America an alternative voice. Through much of my life, I lived without hearing the sincere messages of the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, the profound strength of the US Constitution, the ingenuity of capitalism, the radiance of Classical liberalism, and the beauty--the matchless beauty--of individual sovereignty.  The tender heart of my old age winces at what I lost in my youth.  Yet, as the blood pumps boldly through my veins, the promises of God provoke me still to create an alternative message that will draw the young that they may hear a word that encourages them to possess a zest for life and all its pursuits of happiness.  While many will say that they imagined this day would come for themselves, I must sincerely confess that I never thought a thing like this possible for me.  Trust me, I am not the wisest of men.  I am not the wealthiest nor the strongest.  In my flawed heart, I sincerely do not believe myself worthy in and of my own accord.  God has always been better to me than I deserve.  In this moment of inheritance, I tremble.

Webster's Dictionary 1828 defines success as "the favorable or prosperous termination of any thing attempted; a termination which answers the purpose intended; properly in a good sense, but often in a bad sense."  While seemingly cold, the definition casts the possibilities of any pursuit.  The reality is that in anything pursued, especially business, there are two possible outcomes.  The end may be prosperity and accolades.  The end may be bankruptcy and public ridicule.  Success is not what we would prefer but, the providential outcome of our journey.  Good or bad, we shall be known by the fruit that we bear or not.  I have but, one choice of two decisions to make: pursue or end.  In this moment of pondering, I pray for wisdom.

From its Latin origins succedere meaning "get on well, prosper, be victorious", we have shared the preferences of our ancestors.  We have always wanted to do well.  As the dawn extends its radiant fingers beneath the darkness of night, I thoroughly wish to be successful in this pursuit.  I know that many returning to school or starting a new career as the days become shorter and the nights colder share this desire.  We wonder solemnly, “What is “success” and how will I know its destination?  Will it bear no burdens?  Will I have all of my friends?  Will I be wealthy beyond compare?  Will there be pain and sorrow?”  The whole of victoriously moving forward is often corrupted by our incessant nature to look back at only the bad outcomes.  We have only known failure and thus, we must repeat what we know.  We begin with an end in mind--defeat.  It is now that we prepare the public notice to our family and friends of our utter demise.  It surely does not help that you shall report this to the “I Told You So” Party.  Please give due notice of thirty days so that the masses may prepare to wrap themselves in the finest garb, rinse their teeth with the most magnificent Chablis, and celebrate your most evident demise.  No, this shall not be my beginning nor my end.  I shall not fail.  


Most of us want to be successful in the eyes of others.  Don’t look at me crossly by the sworn conviction that not everyone wants to be.  Imagine the price that must be paid and sacrifices offered.  Really?  Do we all want to succeed?  Forget not that there is an industry built on the target of failure--victimization.  It is so much easier and, often, more profitable to blame another for our failures.  Indeed, the failure is not by my design or the providential outcomes of my decisions.  No!!!  It was the color of my skin.  It was where I worshipped.  It was because I was bullied in sixth grade.  No way, gimoozaabi, it was always the MAN!  Not all indeed desire advancement.

However, many want to know the feeling and the fact of Glory.  We even want to be so smug that we can find comfort in our achievements.  I desire to progress in a way that all will prosper and God will get the Glory.  These are my questions and expressions to a Loving God.  This is my heart string as the sun rises.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele, was, in 1999, voted World Player of the Century by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) and Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee.  The soccer phenom was once asked to define “success”.  He defined it this way, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”  As I have begun building The Exceptional Conservative Network® (TECN), I have become acquainted with each of these tenets.  The labors required to build a brand, market it to consumers and stakeholders, encourage volunteer staff, support tremendous hosts, operate a network, and then, host my own show are intellectually, emotionally, and often, physically, exhaustive.  Not a whine or complaint, it is merely an observation.  


Success is neither a civil nor natural right.  It is, however, a worthy privilege--a particular and peculiar benefit or advantage enjoyed by a person, company or society, beyond the common advantages of other citizens.  The most sensitive amongst us would immediately harp on the concept of the citizenry.  “So are you saying, Ken, that only American citizens can be successful?”  No, safe space person, I am not.  I am acknowledging that while we may all have a similar start, our ends are not guaranteed.  It is His Grace and Mercy that allows us the privilege of achieving our intended goal, whatever it may be.  It is our purpose--that which a person sets before himself as an object to be reached or accomplished--that will require our complete essence.  Of the fiber character necessary for our Nation to remain free and independent, Thomas Jefferson prescribed what would we need most: “And for the support of this declaration we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, & our sacred honour.”  As the sun ebbs above the horizon, I know what God will require in order to please Him and to make TECN successful.  It will require all of me even when I do not want to give or sacrifice.  All of me is peanuts in comparison to all that He has given.

It is that.  

Giving everything that you are to accomplish your end.  The passion--Latin pati "to endure, undergo, experience"--requirements of an employee is different than an owner’s.  The good, the bad, and the ugly of what you must endure, undergo, and experience is never equal despite the similar stewardship demands.  When I entered Blue Cross in my 20’s, I gave a lot but, in the end, I was an employee.  I was not giving everything.  When I entered the Pentagon in my 30’s, I gave my time and commitment to make certain that our military personnel and overseas citizens voted.  However, in the end, it wasn’t all of me.  When I entered Lydia’s House in my 40’s, I gave as much of me as possible to make certain that the impoverished excelled financially.  I gave but, it was not all of me.  I was passionate as an employee but, I was not the owner.  If anything, capitalism has taught me that, in free markets, ownership requires more than employment.  For an employee, it’s a paycheck.  For an owner, it’s an investment.  For an employee, it’s eight and then, on to the next important thing.  For the owner, there is no beginning and no end.  For the employee, every decision is a potential public fiasco.  For the owner, everything must be securely private and confidential even if it is a public fiasco.  In the end, we hope that all will prosper in achieving their goals.  The signature is on the check.  The decision to upgrade equipment is yours.  Everyone must be paid before you.  The vision you possess must be large enough for others to dream within it.  For the promise of success, others devote their talents, gifts and skills.  Your passion must be so great that you are willing to deny yourself, pick up your Cross, and follow His Will.   

As the sun bares its warmth fully upon the Earth, the whispers from my lips emote the enormous concerns.  This exercise must not result in failure or futility.  Building two Internet television networks that are competitive with Mainstream Media and Established RINO Broadcasters seem more myth than potential achievement.  I have heard the challenges:

“Who will listen?
“Whom will watch?
“Is this even needed?
“Will Inner-City people even consider it an option?”
“No one has yet, heard of you!”
“Whom will even partner with you?”

No matter how long I persevere, it seems I return to these challenges.  Above the accomplishments, the heavy fog of inadequacy seems to eclipse all.   

Ken Poirot wrote, “The Six Steps to Success [are]: (1) Define Success; (2) Devise a Plan;  (3) Execute and Overcome Adversity;  (4) Measure Results with Key Metrics; (5) Revise the Plan; and (6) Work Hard”.  Success must be more than profitable media networks.  There must be a change in our culture measured by the peace and prosperity of our people.  A change that was encouraged by authentic reforms within individuals and families, the economy, the neighborhoods, the education systems, the government, and our Faith outlets.  Reforms that were generated by a repentance of the people.  A change of mind, body, soul, and strength secured by an intense moral order and conformity to the rule of law.  As the Nation advances, so must Urban America advance.

Our plan begins with recruiting the best Christian conservative hosts in the world.  Yes, that means international!  Getting from behind the PC and into the community where the world can witness the power of Urban Conservatism.  The great adversity for many hosts is the lack of corporate sponsorship which requires the depletion of personal resources.  These patriots, as individual show owners, now have access to a confederacy of hosts which offer more opportunities for advertisers beyond the limits of singular program marketing.  In addition, hosts are made eligible for profit-sharing through our subscription based Premium Channel Network.  We begin with a metric of over 100,000 EnetLive.tv/MOUToday.tv subscribers.  That is not enough.  We will campaign to reach over 250,000 new subscribers in the 250 Major Urban Centers in the United States.  You can not change what you do not reach.  As needed, we will innovate to reach Urban America and the World.  Working Hard is what TECN has done, does, and will do.  

When the blessings of the Lord overtake you, one must not give up, give in, or give over.  He has given us a gem to use to change our cities, our families, and our culture.  We have waited for everyone else.  We ran to the Democrats and they instituted genocide as their depopulation tactics.  We ran to the Republicans and they can not end their commitment to the status quo.  In this time of weakness, God has seized this day to help us strengthen our resolve.  As a servant leader, this is the day that was made for us to convert a dream and a prayer into the hope of freedom and liberty.  I tremble not in fear.  I rejoice in this moment of strength.  All for His Glory.

Kenneth McClenton, 
is an Urban Conservative Whose Mission Is to Spread the Good News of Christianity, Conservatism, Capitalism, Constitutionalism, and Individual Sovereignty throughout the World.  
Devoted to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, He Believes that in Order to Save the United States, We Must Mutually Pledge Our Lives, Our Fortunes, 
and Our Sacred Honor to Save Urban America.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Electoral Bankruptcy: Black Voters Are Playing A Loser's Game with Both Sides of the Same Coin

We have been playing a loser's game with the same coin.  Our season of discontent merits pithy summations that offer blatant solutions rather than recite the problems.  We must fervently pull some from the fires of political impotence and compassionately persuade others to surrender their hostility towards sound economic reason.  The Democrat Party has played identity politics to the point that the electorally bankrupt will vote against everything that made their ancestors and themselves free.  The Republican Party has played personality politics to the point that, in the midst of the strongest conservative movement in the history of the United States, the White House has classical liberal blacks answering to a former Democrat ally of President Donald John Trump.  Even the Congressional Black Caucus has presented a treatise of lobbying points for consideration to the President of the United States.  Cricket.  Cricket.  Yes, I have not heard of a constituency of black conservatives meeting with the President since February 2017.  During that one, America was trying to figure out whether one of the Preachers was speaking for, to, or about Chicago Gang Leaders.  Remember, Chicago is Home of the Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, and Murder Capital of the Nation.  As soon as we figure it all out then, we will be able to do what our Marxists opponents were able to do in June 2017--present an agenda.

Since the dramatic upset of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton by President Trump, we can not blame Omarosa Manigault or Telly Lovelace for the current manner in which the Grand Ol' Party has mismanaged outreach to Blacks, Negros, Coloreds, Afro-Americans, or African-Americans--which ever is acceptable in your Generation.  They are merely involved in the "Drain the Swamp" Personality Politics of the GOP.  Who could blame them for the fact that the GOP had no real plan to convert Urban "Trump" Voters into the Republican Party or the Conservative Movement?  Heck, they did not even put an Obama Care repeal plan together because even the GOP thought Trump would lose.  How could you blame them for scheduling a Black Conservative Agenda Conference on the same weekend as the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) Week?  Heck, there are very few Blacks that go to CPAC!  I guess we could wrestle a few together and put together a White Paper.  How could you blame them for the fact that the GOP Black Folks Outreach Budget covers 30 people at Golden Corral on Monday nights only as long as you are over age fifty-five (55)?  If you are under 55 then, you gotta pay the difference.

So Omarosa keeps a list.

I am quite certain that Democrats April Ryan, Roland Martin, and Pastor Jamal "We Can Co-Exist, Omarosa" Bryant find that welcome news.  Maybe Omarosa has a Black Russian listed.  Certainly, since she gave up her Black Card or it was forcibly taken by Radio Disc Jockey Al Sharpton because she supported President Trump, that would be grounds for an extensive 18-month investigation into her taxes, real estate holdings and whether Barron Trump was involved in any meetings.  I am quite certain that Roland Martin has secretly slipped an email to Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz demanding a Bi-Partisn Hearing on whether Omarosa is a racist, Islamaphobe for choosing to meet with a Black Russian and not a White Russian.  As well, how much did Russian President Vladimir Putin contribute to her wedding?  As the project manager for her wedding, I am certain that she called in all of her overdue chits.  Wouldn't want to get fired at the wedding you know!

Imagining Vlad now:

"We send the cake topping, ehhhhh, you choose the frosting, and you get rid of the sanctions.  Ehhhhhhh, it is just that easy.  Always remember Omarosa, our Russian proverb: God won't give it away, pigs won't eat it.  Ehhhhhhhhh, Congratulations."

So Omarosa keeps a list.

In the jaded world of DC Politics, the real question is, "Who doesn't?"  I notice that none are pointing to their investment portfolios.  Wouldn't it be great if we were talking about how wealthy Manigault and Lovelace have become since the Trump Stock Market Rally began?  That would be so much more irritating to the Leftists required to report daily on Russian collusion by order of the CIO's at the DNC.  CIO, Ken?  Yes, Communist Information Officers.  Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale converted to Mohammedism in Pakistan and were recruited to lead all DNC OIC's.  Forgive me snowflakes but, this is Not Racial.  Boris and Natasha are White Russians.

The drama of personality politics offers cynics. like myself, much fodder for a comedic sketch.  However, both the acceptance of Identity Politics on the Left and Personality Politics on the Right reveal just how truly politically insolvent we are.  For the sake of understanding the plight of Urban Electoral conditions, let us review some terms.  Personality is defined as a "person whose character stands out from that of others".  Identity is defined as "sameness, oneness, state of being the same".  Politics is defined as "a person's political allegiances or opinions".  Policy is defined as a "plan of action, way of management".  Based on the high taxes, extensive regulations, and restrictions of liberty and freedom, the ultimate goal is implementing policy changes that promote Christianity, Conservatism, Capitalism, Constitutionalism, and Individual Sovereignty.  Our objective should be liberating Urban America for the sanctity of the Nation.

"Top Down" political organization has debilitated the Urban American process of protecting our liberties and freedoms.  The GOP, never expecting to get more than 5% of the Black Vote, have targeted individuals to uplift in order to draw all other voters.  The theory is that maybe if one of you makes political sense then, more Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics will jump on board.  Hence, the political allegiances will be built on the sway of an individual "leader's" charisma and political opinions solidified by fanatic certainty.  The most crushing occurrence is when the Black Vote does not lift above the 5% threshold.  The individual's attraction is discounted and the interest to pursue Urban America is rejected soundly on merit.  Disheartened, individuals isolate and choose sides within the Party.  The firing squad goes into full operation and the circle claims its victims.  The Grade is an F and no one wins.

The Democrats practice Identity politics.  A successful "Top Down" strategy of divide and conquer where the few rule the many.  The only right answer is more government.  Every issue must go through the filter of age, religion, social class or caste, culture, dialect, disability, education, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, gender identity, generation, occupation, profession, race, political party affiliation, sexual orientation, settlement, urban and rural habitation, and veteran status.  Notice that liberty and freedom are not filters.  It does not matter that everyone votes for the party.  What is good for the party leader rises above the needs of the individual citizen.  Taxes rise!  It's ok.  It's good for the party.  Obama Care means Grandma loses her cancer doctor.  It's ok.  It's good for the party.  Unemployment drenches a particular group in poverty.  It's ok.  It's good for the party.  Although the majority votes, the result is disenfranchisement by choice.  The Grade is an F and no one wins.

ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith, at Vanderbilt University, eloquently spoke on the decade's old electoral bankruptcy faced by modern voters.  Smith said, “Black folks in America are telling one party, ‘We don’t give a damn about you.  They’re telling the other party, ‘You’ve got our vote.’  Therefore, you have labeled yourself ‘disenfranchised’ because one party knows they’ve got you under their thumb.  The other party knows they’ll never get you and nobody comes to address your interest."

Let this be plain amongst us.  Since the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Era, Blacks have suffered from electoral insolvency.  Haven surrendered our natural rights for the security of government issued assurances, we have allowed ourselves to become static in the most dynamic nation in the world.  Static in finance.  Static in economics.  Static in politics.  Static in education.  With the promise of a "Kitchen Cabinet", we have traded the power, affluence, and influence of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the politically correct poverty that justifies reviling men for their ancestry's sins.  Rather than propelling men to overcome the lack of their forebearers with the inheritance for our children and our children's children, we are left to punish our progeny with the aspirations of radicals deemed poverty pimps by Booker T. Washington.  

For twenty pieces of silver, we have empowered the poverty pimps and Marxist culturalists to take from us what slave masters could never forcibly acquire from their chattel: the pursuit of individual sovereignty.  In Urban America, especially, we have defouled the dreams of those lashed upon, having forgiven their enslavers, and pursued the course of tyranny with all its rose colored detriments.  We have traded our birthright protections for a cup of soup.  Surrendered the sacred for the secular.  Yet, with unbridled gall, we blame those that have no weight in our game-play for the expected outcomes of the game that we have played.  You blame the "alt-right" for being conspiratorial yet, the truth is no conspiracy is required.  There has been no need for one since Dr. W. E. B. DuBois convinced "God-fearing" black preachers to fight for abortion.  Everything the Confederates ever desired to do to your ancestors, you have voted for it to be done to your inheritance--your children's children.  Imagine if HBO did a series where black men and women did not abort their children.  Maybe they would call it "The Birthing Fields".

I digress.

Forgive me, as I try to convey simplicities to the Ivory Tower elite among us.  If what we call abortion was done in predominately third world nations by stronger tribes upon weaker tribes then, you would call it "genocide" and regale in protest before that nation's embassies in New York or Washington, DC.  I dare say your anti-capitalist stint of protest would be recorded on I-phone in between hourly Starbuck's runs.  That's until someone explains that genocide is caused by climate change and then, you would be off to the next snowflake event.    

There is no need to question the outcomes of Top Down political organization.  We can see its results in income, marriage, safety, poverty, and housing statistics.  There are three basic solutions that must be practiced to move us away from Top Down failures.  One, we must focus on developing competent conservative candidates at the local level and nationalize their primary electoral pursuits.  Winning matters.  The conservative movement must embrace its candidates as early as possible.  Political allegiances tied early to primary funding makes it more likely that we will vet and solidify classical liberals for political victory rather than temporarily supporting Republicans In Name Only (RINO's) that await the Glory of GOP support in the General Election.  Secondly, we must promote, market, and support an agenda that liberates Urban America.  It must be something that radical Republican Frederick Douglass would be proud to convey.  We must not fail ourselves by elevating one above the other which has guaranteed our ultimate failure within the GOP.  We must find courageous local Titans of conservatism to speak at community events, local hearings, and other events.  Which brings us to the third point, supporting conservative media.  Preachers reach hundreds, maybe even thousands, of captive listeners in one setting.  Even with the best social media applications, it is rare to pass a million viewers and/or listeners mark for most.  However, there are literally hundreds of local conservative media that broadcast nightly and reach hundreds of thousands of viewers and/or listeners.  Instead of waiting to appear on the curvy couch at 6:10 AM for the world to see you, the greater return on investment will come from appearances on local conservative media.  I know, I know!  There are only two black conservative shows that you know of: Lonnie Poindexter's Lionchasers Show and Stacy Washington's Stacy on the Right.  Yes, fellow conservatives, we need to get out more.  Including TECN TV, there are hundreds of other great program hosts waiting to serve you and their community.  Unfortunately, these hosts find it easier to schedule a Radical Socialist than a virtuous Right Winger.  That curvy couch must be huge!  Doing just these three things at the start of the Election Season 2018, beginning Labor Day, will markedly improve political, economic, and cultural outcomes for Urban America.

ESPN's Smith challenged those oppressed by identity and personality politics to consider switching their vote just once.  Smith contests that black Americans "would both scare the Democrats and inspire the Republicans into competing for their vote".  So what would this do?  It would encourage people on both sides to “cater” to interests.  His advice: “shop around”.  Smith concludes, “We don’t do that with politics and then we blame white America for our disenfranchisement.”  Urban America, it's time to cease and desist from personality and identity politics.  Playing A Loser's Game with Both Sides of the Same Coin is sincerely passee.

Kenneth McClenton, 
is an Urban Conservative Whose Mission Is to Spread the Good News of Christianity, Conservatism, Capitalism, Constitutionalism, and Individual Sovereignty throughout the World.  
Devoted to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, He Believes that in Order to Save the United States, We Must Mutually Pledge Our Lives, Our Fortunes, 
and Our Sacred Honor to Save Urban America.