Saturday, December 3, 2016

"Which Is It?": The Dorian Gray Behavior of Maryland State GOP Towards Inner City Republican Shannon Wright

The most powerful question asked by inquisitive Blacks / Afro-Americans of the Republican Grand Ol' Party (GOP) is "Which Is It?"  The power of this question should not be so easily dispelled as some extraordinarily useless philosophical inquiry "full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.”  The power of this question is in its season of ask.  For the first time since President Abraham Lincoln's Civil War Victory Tour of Richmond, VA, the GOP made a valiant demand for the Black / Afro-American vote in the US Presidential Election campaign.  For years, the GOP surrendered the Black / Afro-American vote to he Slavery First, Jim Crow Democrat-Socialist Party.  For years, the GOP cast blame upon the Black voting demographic--13% of the general population and 90% Democrat-Socialist--as a lost cause.  Simply, Blacks that run as GOPers don't win in the Inner-City.  They are losers.  No sense wasting treasured spoils for symbolic victories that turn Pyrrhic after the Primaries.  Then, suddenly, a Republican from Jamaica, Queens made a resounding proclamation:

"Our government has totally failed our African American friends, our Hispanic friends and the people of our country.  Period.  The Democrats have failed completely in the inner cities.  For those hurting the most who have been failed and failed by their politician — year after year, failure after failure, worse numbers after worse numbers.  Poverty.  Rejection.  Horrible education.  No housing, no homes, no ownership.  Crime at levels that nobody has seen.  You can go to war zones in countries that we are fighting and it's safer than living in some of our inner cities that are run by the Democrats.  And I ask you this, I ask you this — crime, all of the problems — to the African Americans, who I employ so many, so many people, to the Hispanics, tremendous people: What the hell do you have to lose?  Give me a chance.  I'll straighten it out.  I'll straighten it out.  What do you have to lose?"

The promise was met with swift reward.  More Blacks voted for the Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump than any other GOPer since President Richard Milhouse Nixon in 1972.   In January 2017, Trump will have access to two houses on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC : Trump International at the Old Post Office and the White House.  So the most vital question is:  "Which Is It?"

At a time when Blacks / Afro-Americans are more open to the principles and promises of the GOP, there seems to be an underlying reliance on the "Faustian" pursuits within the old state organizations.  These dim entities, born of the progressive era, are noted more for their absence in the Inner City than their inability to stave off the reproach of the Slavery First, Jim Crow Democrat-Socialist Party.  Over 75 years, they have watched as Inner Cities like Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA and Washington, DC  have been invaded by anti-classical liberals promoting identity politics, crony capitalism and Marxist bravado.  Masked in the themes of social justice and economic fairness, many from Black and Hispanic American populations lag culturally.  Their brain washed allegiance to their anti-capitalist and anti-constitutional political thespians tends to poverty and societal chaos.  While Inner-City victories would grant the Republicans significant control in Blue states, many of the state GOPers are content with victories in rural and suburban America that maintain some continuity of political influence in the affairs of men.  Literally, state GOPers in places like the People's Republic of Maryland are satisfied with "show" and maybe even "place" rather than all of the responsibilities of a "win".  I believe the Preakness folk know what I'm talking 'bout.

There has not been a republican holder of Baltimore's mayoral or city council chairman office in over 70 years.  Until Pastor Shannon Wright ran in November 2016, no republican had garnered over 15,000 votes for either spot.  Shannon Wright amassed over 25,000 votes for the office of city council chair.  Not a bad accomplishment for a woman that did not receive political support from the National GOP until October.  And the state?  That symphonic chirping sound comes from the Maryland crickets orchestra.  We are honored to present them in this post.  Yes, my friends, Wright should be grateful for the lack of enthusiasm for Blacks / Afro-Americans running for offices in the Inner City.  Maybe she does not have the electoral maturity to comprehend that her job is to get votes up-ballot for federal office candidates not get GOPers of the Inner-City hue elected to offices in Baltimore City, Prince George's and Montgomery Counties.  

By golly, can't you understand that we will someday make a massive commitment to the Inner-City?  


Well, when we are able to identify viable candidates and that those candidates support our state initiatives for the Inner-City.  

For all of you that scratch your heads with me, know that Wright is not alone across the country.  Many state GOPers see Inner City candidates as "cute" acts that show appeal and audience attraction but nothing more than eye-candy.  

That is until you come across a lioness that has done more with less than many of her peers, even attracting the fiery contempt rather than docile disdain of her Democrat-Socialist opponent.  Wright, on a shoestring budget and grist of personality, garnered national as well as local attentions for her moderate platform and radical plea for an audit of Charm City.  One that has been missing from material political fact for over 20 years.  The Frederick Douglass Republican was so respected that current Maryland State GOP 3rd Vice-Chair Eugene Craig recommended she run for his post when he retires in December 2016.  

She consented.

You would think that the GOP would affix a title of "Rising Star" to Wright as they have West Virginia House of Delegates Representative Jill Upson.  NO GO!  In fact, she has became the immovable object to the irresistible force of parody and repudiation by members of the Maryland state party.  Despite her good works and notoriety, she has been made the target of vicious attacks against her person and character by those that see her as a threat to the common core approach of Inner City politics in the state electoral math compact.

What crime did she commit?

She raised $2,000 to run for office, the majority of which came from her own pockets.  Wow?!  I did not see in the photograph anywhere that Wright received monies from the state party big wigs!  No money from Governor Larry Hogan.  No money from Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford.  I don't see anyone from the State Party offering to fill her coffers to the tune over $250,000.  The sum that her Slavery First, Jim Crow Democrat-Socialist Party opponent had in his Treasury.  

Her other felony offense in GOP state politics' lore?

She gave $21 to a Democrat-Socialist during the campaign season, inclusive of a $5 raffle ticket.  Lawdy, Lawdy, Hillary Clinton must be celebrating how this measly sum will lead her to victory in 2020!  My goodnes, $21 is tip money for many State Party GOPers at dinner with their Democrat-Socialist opponents in Annapolis.    

As Black / Afro-American voters watch the dance begin, they observe the party apparatchiks slime the one dressed finely for the prom.  That new voter asks, "Is this any different than what the Slavery First, Jim Crow Democrat-Socialist Party offered me?" 

They are asking, Mr. and Ms. GOP, "Which Is It?"  

You say that you are the boldness missing from the Inner-City brew.  You say that the strength of your platform will save America but the Inner-City is not worthy of this salvation.  You treat Wright as if she stole the mocha from your latte at Starbucks.  Are you the no octane party of yesterday that is willing to leave the Inner-City in peaceful disarray or are you the fiery brand that went into Detroit and asked us, "What do you have to lose?"  Are you committed to the foul losses of the past or are you willing to pursue the promise of victory today.  The secretive disdain made public through Facebook speaks volumes!  

For those that recently put their confidence in the promises of Donald J. Trump and even reached across the aisle to vote for Shannon Wright, they observe the state party doing to the local patriot what they swore they would fight against.  The state GOP swore that they would stand with the one that brought the voters to the party.  Literally, she is asked to run into a fire and the state party turns the water off from the plugs.  What is being done by the Old Guard Maryland Party to Wright is deplorable.  Governor Hogan and Lt Governor Rutherford should apologize for the malicious attentions shown Wright.  The Party Leaders should look to her vitality in the midst of the absence of GOP support in the former election and her accomplishments as reasons enough to make her Maryland State GOP 3rd Vice-Chair.

How you vote today sends a clarion message to Maryland.  The state will remain a People's Republic or the biggest possible political turnaround story since West Virginia.  Without the Inner-City, only the former is possible.

Kenneth McClenton
The Exceptional Conservative

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