Monday, November 28, 2016

Removing Marx from the Urban Classroom: The First Real Reform to Liberate the Inner-City

American Patriots are lauding the recent electoral presidential campaign results as a spirited revolution against the reigning Marxist regime.  As the Socialists scurry to raise popular vote recount monies in states like Wisconsin and Michigan and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the rest of our Nation has presumed that the next President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, will, beginning in January 2017, release the hounds of capitalism upon the Earth.  Providentially, we have watched the fleeting hold of central planning in Great Britain, the fervent rise of staunch conservatism in France, the rejection of open borders in Germany and the utter demise of the statist Fidel Castro.  Liberty has become the calling card of emancipators around the world.  Such freedom provocateurs have left their totalitarian occupiers dazed in grief and wondering, amidst their riotous living: "How did this happen?"  

The Socialist-Democrat Party of the United States, built on the adage of "divide and conquer", is left broken by its divide and wounded by its drubbing.  Their existence is so fragile that the Party of Andrew "Death Marches" Jackson is left to choose between “Louis Farrakhan’s first Congressman” Keith Ellison and Congresswoman Nancy "But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy" Pelosi for its leadership.  From state houses to federal leadership posts throughout the United States, the Progressives (BKA Regressive Marxists and Anti-Classical Liberal Tyrants) have been shown the exit from executive, legislative and judicial offices.  Their influence has been rightly ridiculed and authority reduced to nominal significance.  Their failings to secure the financial sovereignty and security of the Nation in lieu of Quixotic wars on poverty, self-defense, the Republic and its citizenry illuminate their drunken state of governance.  The Marxists and Socialists that compose the New Left point to healthcare and education as places of penultimate achievement.  Their assault on healthcare has left millions with healthcare access to no doctors, no hospitals, a limited number of health care plans and even less catastrophic care for those in need than offered prior to Obama Care.  Their assault on education has left many a student behind with centralized planning education from Washington, DC or Jumbo loan sized mortgages against their collegiate studies leaving them either slaves of the Treasury or perpetual impoverished graduates.     

The Inner-City has been in mourning since Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  Urban America, citadels for radical leftists and mythological reforms, has chosen this time to discern whom should rightly be blamed amidst the Triumph of Donald Trump.  Is it white women that  demur to men and not vote for a woman?  Is there separation between white women and black women over abortion?  Is it because Hispanics chose Donald rather than Hillary?  Was it the power of people that sought to vote their Faith rather than their identity?  It is truly amazing that the Friends of Lenin prefer to use a telescope to defame their utter loss rather than a mirror to comprehend their utter conquest.  Simply, whether it be Mao, Castro or Clinton, the legends of Marxism and socialism have watched over the decadence of cultural condemnation while they enrich themselves and patron those that kiss their ring in solidarity of ruler-ship  rather than representation.  According to National Review, "The Leninist rationalization was, 'You have to break some eggs to make an omelet.  George Orwell memorably replied, 'Where’s the omelet?'  There is never an omelet."  The people, fouled by the agency of the elite, no longer could wait for the tangible results of fairy tale economics.  This hurts, so turn your head anti-classical liberals.  The people chose capitalism over socialism.  

Why does this matter?  For seventy years, our Urban American educational centers have been converted into state parenting centers producing men and women of the collective rather than pioneers in business and individual rationale.  Stephen Ronald Craig Hicks, Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship Director, writes:.

"In education, postmodernism rejects the notion that the purpose of education is primarily to train a child's cognitive capacity for reason in order to produce an adult capable of functioning independently in the world.  That view of education is replaced with the view that education is to take an essentially indeterminate being and give it a social identity.  Education’s method of molding is linguistic, and so the language to be used is that which will create a human being sensitive to its racial, sexual, and class identity.  Our current social context, however, is characterized by oppression that benefits whites, males, and the rich at the expense of everyone else.  That oppression in turn leads to an educational system that reflects only or primarily the interests of those in positions of power.  To counteract that bias, educational practice must be recast totally.  Postmodern education should emphasize works not in the canon; it should focus on the achievements of non-whites, females, and the poor; it should highlight the historical crimes of whites, males, and the rich; and it should teach students that science’s method has no better claim to yielding truth than any other method and, accordingly, that students should be equally receptive to alternative ways of knowing."  

It matters because our children, grandchildren and great children of the inner-City have been groomed to exist in a society in which Che Guevara, Castro and Socialist Republic of Vietnam's Nguyen Xuan Phuc level the playing fields of culture so that life is "fair".  Life is just, not fair.  While we are a capitalist Nation, inner city leaders, unionized teachers and central planning administrators have fought to raise students that would live in protest against free-market principles and await the glad tidings of gracious government.  Yet, the results have been less than spectacular.  

"As part of FRONTLINE's research and reporting for "The Two Nations of Black of America," A.J. Robinson, a researcher in statistics, analyzed economic data over the past three decades. Using charts and graphs, he shows how lower class blacks have fallen behind with respect to economic or social movement. He also details the misconceptions about the black middle class. Contrary to widely held views, it is not the fastest growing segment of the black population; in fact the black middle class has been steadily declining since 1970."  

If your inner-city unemployment rate is the same for all races, genders and creeds then, please raise your hands.  I thought not!  As many have propelled others to accept the social justice initiatives of the Left, those that were to most benefit have been the greatest losers.  Choosing careers that produce income disparities while rejecting entrepreneurial pursuits that would create jobs has been the voracious design of the Marxists and socialists.  Marxist May Wood Simmons, in 1901, wrote: 

"Education under socialist conditions would produce men and women, not machines. As Marx has said, the end of socialism is “an association wherein the free development of each is the condition of the free development of all,” “an economic order of society which together with the greatest possible development of social productive power secures the highest possible harmonious development of human beings.”

Our students have been taught to not vote unless it matters to gender or race.  Our students have been pushed into social services and away from the sciences and engineering.  Our students have been taught that it is too hard to think for oneself and that it is better to relax the scientific method in analyzing the issues of life.  Our students have been taught that no matter how many tax dollars are spent on their education "the evil white man who is greater than your God, will prevent you from being successful."  Inner City perishes.  It's greatest casualty is its students.  Languishing in classrooms across the country are inner-city students that suffer from legislated mandates to control classroom behavior while perpetuating learning achievements induced by educational psychology focuses.  Karl Marx's economic theories gave us Ivan Pavlov:

"The terms freedom or free will in Marxist psychology indicate our liberty to choose the type of society that will in turn determine our behavior; it does not mean we choose our own behavior.  Thus, when we are not exercising our free will to choose our society, we are being controlled by our situation or environment. 

Marxists hold society responsible to regulate us.  This regulation exposes us to the proper stimuli that will elicit the proper behavior. This stimuli is found only in a communist society that regulates us to be faithful to the collective and to internationalism." 

Urban America has been faithful to the collective at the expense of our children.  We have controlled our populations by limiting free expression in fear of offense.  We have determined the horizons of our progeny by eliminating our connection to our Creator.  We have sought to make race and gender so dynamic that we ease the pursuit of education as burden of personal responsibility.  The greatest reform that we could make as an Inner-City is to remove Marx and Horace Mann from our educational system.  Open the windows of free thought and the provocation of scientific advancement.  For the citizenry, we begin to see education not as a crutch for the prosperity of Nation but wings for the exploration of the expanse of our stewardship.  Liberation requires us to first free the student and our Nation will follow.

Kenneth McClenton
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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cultural Inhumanity: The Absolute Rule of State Requires the Abuse of Man, Woman and Child

And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.
Deuteronomy 6:6-7, King James Version, The Holy Bible

His face was torn, tears prevailing upon his cheeks, the voice from on high berating him for a decision made much earlier in the day.  He stood before the image of the Most High God, his mother, and received a condemnation that not even Hell's fury would relay upon the den of murderers, rapists and thieves assembled in the Day of Last Judgement.  His soul was crushed as his mother offered the fiery retort due his unholy pursuit of intellectual independence and electoral sovereignty.  O, how mighty his sin before all mankind!  The mark of Cain upon him, his mother opens the door and rips him from his home, known unto him as his place of comfort, solace and security.  He shall travel the Earth as the evil one that spilled innocent blood upon the Nation by choosing a fiend, an enemy, a modern Mephistopheles as his executive choice in the witness of his better received peers.  He and his little brother, one seeking only the harmony of mother and son yet, condemned, as if selecting the adversary over her, found utter rejection as the door slammed upon them in the night.  They shall suffer the hostilities and imaginations of the night rather than share her abode.  They, allied with the Prince of Darkness, shall enjoy the charm of a cold night as their due misery for prevailing in public against a compassionate matron.  Never will they choose again a political rogue over the bureaucratic darling, never again the party of oppression, bigotry and hate over the party that cares for the vibrancy of home and prosperity of community.  His will broken, as he stood next to his pink and black luggage, witnessing the wailing and dismay of his younger brother, confused and seeking vindication, he would do anything to have his mother's kisses upon his forehead, her soft words stroke his soul, her arms embrace him in welcome, her protection from the night.  What had this elementary school boy done that would separate him from his mother's love?

He voted for Donald J. Trump in a mock classroom election.

The utter depravity of this woman is as bold as the black print upon this white page.  A video, now witnessed by over 12 million persons around the world, graced my Facebook inbox on Veteran's Day morning.  I watched it once.  Then, I watched it again.  My tears turned to incensed anger.  I summoned my wife from the warm comforts of her chamber into my office to witness what my eyes observed but my soul refused to let me fully see.  We witnessed.  Set upon Facebook's Michelle Obama For 2020, we eyed a presentation of brutality and assault upon a child that seemed to pierce the standards of cruelty set by dictators and despots.  Our mouths widened as if preparing for a helping of Thanksgiving stuffing.  Our eyes did not fail us.  We witnessed a brutishness of  speech that had only been manifested in the boxing rings of Las Vegas' Caesar's Palace.  With villainous pre-meditation, she set to publicly shame her son for choosing the Grand Ol' Party (GOP) Presidential Election candidate Donald John Trump over Hillary Rodham Clinton by asking the elementary student to vacate her premises.  Her vileness would not go without unceasing taunt and intolerable indignation.  This would be her "teachable moment".  Carpe noctem!  Seize the Night!

The young lad was as tolerable and honoring of his mother as any Godly child could be.  As undeserving as she was in that moment, arrogantly filming her judicial exercise of public shame upon her child, he warranted the favor of God.  He respectfully referred to her as "Mom".  Alerted by someone via his public school, "Mom" had packed his luggage at 10:30 AM on the morning of the mock classroom election.  "Mom" was so enraged and embarrassed by her son's aversion from his home training to always choose the Democrat, to always pursue the liberal course in life and to always remember that your "blackness" is defined more so by your political allegiance than the color of your skin that she chose to verbally lynch her very son.  In the 2016 Presidential General Election, 88% of Blacks Voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton versus 65% of Hispanics and Asians and 37% of Whites.  Voting GOP is a "white thang".  What a curse amongst men!

It was a vital matter to resolve in his youth.  If he grew to be a Black conservative, he would be ridiculed for life, not have access to family, friends or special relationships and employment with black firms would be impossible.  Her sons would be doomed if they accepted these foreign ideals.  What unfortunate existences they would have.  Before mankind, he needed to learn his lesson to survive his culture and that she might remain revered in her social community.  This was a greater damnation than selling drugs or prostituting.  Her sons must be saved.  Imagine if Uncle Mohammad had learned that her very son had betrayed the race.  There may be no family vacations or intimate gatherings or even Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners.  Imagine if the ladies at the salon, through the testimony of their children, had knowledge of her son's revolt.  Could she even go back?  Imagine Cousin Rae-Rae working behind the counter at McDonald's.  Would she spit in my drink?  Imagine if the children at school would taunt him for his decision.  My, my, my, "Mom" would have to save him from the wolves that shall aggrieve him.  Her culture is built upon the framework of absolute faithfulness to the progressive movement.  To deny the culture, is to embrace doom.

It matters not that you select your membership among the LGBTQ radicals, the NAACP radicals, the One Percenter radicals, the Black Lives Matter radicals, the Environmentalists, the Ku Klux Klan or the Marxists / Socialists radicals.  You are a progressive.  The Alliance is a jealous god and you shall have none other.  Although a legion of many, you are one.  Seduced by the legends and myths of progressive politics, perverted by the social demands of unbridled fidelity and corrupted by a fervor of familial obedience,  "Mom" exacted a punishment worthy of the misfortune of public idolatry.  Her sons, nonredeemable, shall pay the price worthy of their deplorable actions.  They shall be shunned.

Where might be the yellow journalists to cover such a depraved event as a mother, meaning "to take care of", evicting her politically independent thinking sons from her abode in the evening?  Where they might always be found.  Colluding with leaders of the progressive movement to cover well organized, well-funded riots.  How shall the message of oppressed races and genders be reported except by the commitment of progressive journalists.  A media divided against itself shall not report stories that defame, belittle or risk the expansion of the radical agendas of this world.  So, you believe that this is an isolated incident.  So, you believe that I am being too harsh upon a "caring Mom" or "busy" Media with limited resources.  Amazing that it took the coveted arrogance of a depraved woman to reveal what many Republicans or conservatives have faced in our governments, neighborhoods, schools, churches and families for over five decades.  How do I know that people in this community are devoted to the Progressive Movement over the potential abuse of its children?

A Felicita Baez [Educator at Harlem Children's Zone, Studied at Virginia State University] at Facebook Chalkboard Conversations Page:  "๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚".
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 10:59am

Gabriel Gonzalez: "Doesn't seem he can vote at all but think of all the people who wanted to vote for Hillary but couldn't bc their God fearing, republican parents would kick them out for "voting for the devil". Take this garbage down as it isn't even close to what the other side experiences."

The "victimologists" have no concern for the sanctity of life and moral responsibility of an individual child's plight.  Child abuse is  Emotional Neglect, Child Neglect and Physical Abuse.  Emotional neglect is a condition in which children do not get adequate attention from their parents or guardians.  What frightens me more than anything else is the reaction of educators that subscribe to "victimology" as they view the abuse of this mock classroom elector.  Laughter.  Absolute laughter.  An educator at one of the country's leading educational facilities finds it humorous that a mother berates a child on his mock political choice.  The Harlem Children's Zone is a non-profit organization for poverty-stricken children and families living in Harlem, providing free support in the form of parenting workshops, a pre-school program, three charter schools, and child-oriented health programs for thousands of children and families.  Yet, one of its educators believes it laughable that a child is emotionally abused because he prefers to break the glass ceiling of political prejudice.

Despite the influences of Madonna, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Lady GaGa, this child chose someone else to believe in and the educator believes that it is fitting for the child to be ridiculed.  More so, the authority of the ridiculer secures the submission of the child in and out of the classroom.  Based on the teacher's response, I suppose that "Mom" deserves praise rather than condemnation.  Better a progressive son than a scholar.  In spite of the efforts of Geoffrey Canada, I wonder if the same malaise that he sought to overcome by creating such a charter school might actually have a foothold on the institution itself through its educators.  Maybe their test scores are increasing and students are learning more.  However, through a corrupt filter, are the children learning what to think or are they learning how to think?  Knowing how to think makes you an innovator with the potential to advance a Nation.  Knowing what to think secures an individual in his condition or circumstance.  Breaking through prejudice, oppression and ignorance requires us to know how and to insure this confidence through educators that will not allow their biases to prevent a child from achieving.

Our children deserve the best of us that they may have trust, faith and confidence in our parenting.  Once that is lost, they are an empty vessel seeking a protective harbor.  They often fall prey to reprobates that seek to advantage themselves for their own agendas.  No child should ever believe that your agenda is to do anything more than love them through the best of times and the worst of times.  It is written in Ephesians 6:1, "Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right."  Parents, no matter our political persuasion,  we should never abuse our children in order that they obey our political mandates.  In the black community, it is time for us to repent from our social-political-economic delusions that come with absolute fidelity to one party rule.  Our children should not love us by force but by choice.  They should be encouraged to consider the variances of each ideal in the marketplace.  They should be encouraged to weigh the facts against the fallacies.  They should encouraged to seek Godly counsel so that their decisions are founded on wisdom and not foolishness.  Their conclusions should not be met with contempt or violation and defilement of body mind and soul.  Child Abuse is not the appropriate response for voting for either Donald J. Trump or Hillary Rodham Clinton.

To View Original Video:

Update:  The following information comes from 'Justice For Children Without Voices'.

"We have spoken to Detective Luerra with Arcola Police Department and confirmed that the children seen in the video are safe and a case now has been opened.  Arcola Police Department is diligently working with CPS and the District Attorney's Office.  We want to send a HUGE thank you to Deputy Fisherhill and Detective Luerra for the fast response in making sure these children are safe.  And a huge thank you to all of our members who gave this child a voice and helped us get the info to the correct investigating department.  We look forward to working with this department, and with all of you, in the future as we advocate for our children and ensure them a voice!  Thank you!

When in the course of raising awareness, alarmism occurs, we would do well, as a civilized society, to acknowledge those alarming statistics and act accordingly.  We should never allow ourselves to believe falsely that awareness is enough when action is required."

~Quote By: Justice For Children Without Voices
#JFCWOV #JusticeForChildrenWithoutVoices #ViralVideo #Tx #Fresno #KidsLivesMatter

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Black Wall Street: When We Knew It Was God and Grit and Not Gov and Progressive Politics

"If achieving the Hong Kong dream becomes a vanishing hope, then our society will suffer. What would the Hong Kong dream be? It's no different from the American dream, whereby an everyday man on the street who works hard would be able to make good savings and use those savings as equity for their future small business."   
Richard Li, Hong Kong businessman and philanthropist

It was always too simple to understand and believe.  The loss of Black Wall Street was due only to racism.  The white man hates the black man and that is all.  Nothing else to see here.  Please move along!  When radical progressives dine with me, they often recall, in defensive conversation, the lost power and independence of Black Wall Street.  What a regal time in America it was when Black people owned their own businesses!  Doctors, lawyers, small business owners and educators lived on the same street.  Churches were filled by people that loved the Lord.  There was no crime and corruption unlikely.  The scholar absorbing the chef's delight observes that the only enemies that Black Wall Street citizens faced were racist whites that sought to eliminate their wealth and power by burning their city down.  Above my lenses, I glance at my fellow diner as they consume their supple cuisine with a shaking head and confident gloat.  Amazing that this same pursuer of fine dining caters to a belief that it was "race" alone that destroyed the framework of economic success and not the abandonment of the pure principles of conservatism, constitutionalism and capitalism in the black community.  As in modern times, the secret to the loss of job producing Black Wall Street was: the Democrat Party.

The Original Black Wall Street of Greenwood, a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma was very unique in 1921.  Oklahoma, in that day, was noted as "the most Progressive, most Socialist state in the Union, with the Socialist Party strongly represented in the states elected offices".  Greenwood was not merely an example of "racial intimidation", it was a battleground between competing economic and political ideological warfare.  There were many debilitating "beefs" at the time in a House attempting to unite multiple domestic terrorist and progressive agents, including the media better known as "yellow journalists" and sympathetic Republicans-in-name-only.  The House was owned and operated by the Democrat Party.  As corrupt in its day as it is today, the House, known as the Democrat Party, had two groups within that sought dominance in its domicile--the Socialists and the Ku Klux Klan, the DNC terrorist organization.  Yes, my friends, it was the Democrat Party that destroyed Black Wall Street.  The same Democrat Party that poisoned Flint, Michigan's water supply, that supported Black Lives Matters' Burning of Ferguson, Missouri and shown favored protection of Presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Derek Dyson reveals the fractures that made Oklahoma so volatile:

"With a large Populist movement already sweeping across the nation and a long history of farmers collectives and labor unions already established in the state, it wasn’t much of a stretch to get poor farmers and indebted citizens to fall in line with a Marxian-Socialist ideology.  In less than a decade, more than ⅓ [one-third] of Oklahomans, many of whom had already held radical Agrarian ideals about land ownership and social equality (due largely to the vicious Social Darwinism of the Gilded Age), had aligned themselves with the Socialist Party.  Instantly they began to rail against the bankers, railroad men and economic elites who they saw as willfully oppressing the fellow underprivileged of the state."

At once, white Democrats sought the opportunity to employ "Jim Crow" policies upon black settlers and Native Americans.  They had a pen and a telegraph and used it through the "yellow" journalists of The Daily Oklahoman.  Frank Luther Mott, the 1939 Pulitzer Prize for "A History of American Magazines" advised that yellow journalism can be characterized five ways: (1) scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news; (2) lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings; (3) use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts; (4) emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips; and (5) dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.  The paper not only reported on issues, they purposely shaped the political system.  In Tulsa, it was the "Democrat" media, aligned with labor and antagonistic to Republicans and capitalists.  The Daily Oklahoman, on July 29, 1906, reported:

The Negro and Indian to Figure as Political Issues

"Jim crow cars" and slavery will be the issues of the first campaign in the new state of Oklahoma in that portion known now as the five civilized nations. Separate cars for the negroes is the scarecrow held up to the colored population of the new state, and a reminder of the slave days, and what was done to the Indians when the slaves were freed are the levers that the two parties expect to handle to the very uncertain elements in the new state.

At the close of the war of 1861, the Indians held many slaves — more negroes than there were Indian owners. This was true of all of the civilized tribes, and when the Indians were given the land now known as Indian Territory, they were forced to divide the lands and property with the former slaves, creating a class known as freedmen. This is the foundation of the democratic campaign committee in the first battle. It has been determined to make a house to house canvass of every district and make a direct appeal for votes for the democratic party and ticket on the grounds that it was the republican party that compelled the Indians to give up their property to the former slaves. This is being talked already, and is having its effect.

The negroes are being thoroughly aroused and alarmed over the prospects of a strictly sourthern state of Oklahoma. They are being warned not only by the white men that "jim crow cars" and disfranchisement are possibilities, but the negro leaders are appealing to their brothers to stick to the republicans, as therein lies their safety. * * * It is shown by the census of 1900 that Indian Territory had 36,853 negroes, with 9,846 of voting age. The census gave 52,500 Indians, with about 15,000 of voting age, making about 25,000 votes out of a total vote of 97,361, or about one-fourth of the whole, which is a demonstration of the importance of securing this uncertain vote. On the Oklahoma side, the negroes and Indians do not play such an important part. * * *

The Daily Oklahoman would not relent.  On August 30, 1906, on a republican party meeting in which the party's territorial committee selected its finance committee chair, it closed with this statement:

"What was done in executive session will never be known, but it was rumored that one of the advisors came near starting a riot by declaring that the republican party of the new state might just as well take the bull by the horns on the negro question and advocate a Jim Crow law, with separate schools, stations and waiting rooms for the colored population."

The Democrats were at once asunder.  The Marxist-socialists wanted more blacks and Native Americans in their clutches.  They were represented by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).  They also wanted to have a separation of blacks and Native Americans from whites and were represented by The “Knights of Liberty”.   Why were these groups so interested in blacks?  Did they not see them as inferior.  Why yes!  However, they were citizens.  They were voters.  Where there was a voter, there was power.  Where there was power, there was dominance.  Those with dominance, ruled and did not govern.  Whom will they target: the Black Republicans!

You're kidding me, Ken.  No, I am not.

Albert Comstock Hamlin was the first African American elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 1908.  Hamlin won the seat as a Republican due to the large predominance of African Americans in the Logan County, Oklahoma district.  The commitment to capitalism, constitutionalism, conservatism and Christ was immensely measurable in all of the Oklahoma cities founded by Afro-Americans due to the Democrat Jim Crow laws.  Yes, in cities designed and developed by Afro-Americans, the citizens chose a republican lifestyle:

"One of the charges made against the colored men in Tulsa is that they were "radical." Questioning the whites more closely regarding the nature of this radicalism, I found it means that Negroes were uncompromisingly denouncing "Jim-Crow" cars, lynching, peonage; in short, were asking that the Federal constitutional guaranties of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" be given regardless of color. The Negroes of Tulsa and other Oklahoma cities are pioneers; men and women who have dared, men and women who have had the initiative and the courage to pull up stakes in other less-favored States and face hardship in a newer one for the sake of eventual progress. That type is ever less ready to submit to insult. Those of the whites who seek to maintain the old white group control naturally do not relish seeing Negroes emancipating themselves from the old system."

The many black cities, known as Black Wall Streets and Little Africas', were bastions for businessmen, doctors, lawyers and investors.  The cities served as residences for some of the most religious and sincere persons in the state.  Democrats who controlled politics in Oklahoma drew little comfort from the lingering strength of the Republicans and black allegiance to that party.  They committed to destroy these prosperous people and their cities.  The following is a list of surviving all-Black towns in Oklahoma.

Town Name                    County                  2010 Census Population   Notes
Boley                            Okfuskee           1,184                           39.6% black alone in 2010
Brooksville                    Pottawatomie        63                           20.0% black alone in 2010
Clearview                    Okfuskee                48                           75% black alone in 2010
Grayson                            Okmulgee                59                           53% black alone in 2010
Langston                            Logan                   1,724                           93.2% black alone in 2010
Lima                            Seminole                53                           34.0% black alone in 2010
Redbird                            Wagoner              137                           67.9% black alone in 2010
Rentiesville                    McIntosh              128                           50.0% black alone in 2010
Summit                            Muskogee              139                           75.5% black alone in 2010
Taft                                    Muskogee              250                           82.0% black alone in 2010
Tatums                            Carter                      151                           79.5% black alone in 2010
Tullahassee                    Wagoner              106                           63.2% black alone in 2010
Vernon                            McIntosh             N. A.                           Unincorporated community

The Daily Oklahoman's in a February 12, 1907 article "The Convention Not A Crawfish," quotes the famous (or infamous) criminal defense lawyer Moman Pruiett railings against a less-than-straightforward inclusion of the Jim Crow provision in the state constitution, in the strongest of terms:

"Nine-tenths of the delegates to the constitutional convention were elected on platforms which pledged them to use their efforts to separate the races in schools, railway carriages and elsewhere.  That is the Jim Crow law.  Had these very delegates not made these pledges many of them would not have been elected.  Pretending to be fearful that with the provision inserted the president would refuse to sign the constitution they are trying to shirk their responsibility by asking their constituencies to relieve them of the pledges they made at the time of their nominations.  What cowards!  To describe such weaklings would sicken imagination and exhaust invective. * * * Let the men who have it to do keep their pledges; let them not be 'hoodooed' by the republicans who are trying to put the democratic party in a hole. Let them be honest with the people and themselves.  Let them be men of their word, even if being so means defeat."

The Democrat Party, under the leadership of President Woodrow Wilson, had come to a natural collision course from within.  In Oklahoma, the Marxist-Socialists wanted to lure blacks away from the principles of Christ and capitalism.  The Knights of Liberty wanted to slash the commitment to conservatism and constitutionalism.  One would become the dominant political and economic ideologies of the blacks.  The citizens of Little Africa were not going to surrender their beliefs.  They would be invaded on May 31 and June 1, 1921 in the Tulsa Riots.

To destroy the wealth of Great Americans, the Democrats forcibly suspended the First and Second Amendment Rights of Black Citizens:

"A mob of whites came to Kenny Booker's house and demanded, "'Nigger, do you have a gun?"' Booker told the Oklahoma  Commission.  Booker, then in his teens hid with his family in their attic until they realized their home was on fire. "When we got downstairs, things were burning. My sister asked me, 'Kenny, is the world on fire?'  l said, 'I don't know, but we're in a heck of a lot of trouble, baby. ",

By the end of the 1920's, Blacks had surrendered their liberty for the security of the Democrat Party.   From thence, the incredible destruction of the church, the family, the economy, the political freedoms and educational lacking became more and more evident.  As the American voter chooses this day, it is time for blacks to reclaim their heritage which was taken from them by those that believe they can sustain you with promises of prosperity and free concerts by Jay-Z, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.  You have the keys to liberation.  The door faces you.  It requires an effort that the Democrats have masked and defeated for decades.

People ask what will it take.  If you say government intervention, you have had it for seventy years.  How is that working in Washington, DC?  How is that working in Chicago?  How is that working in St. Louis?  How is that working in Compton, CA?  If you say education, well that is a pipe dream to be uncovered in a generation.  It does not help now.

So what will it take?

Small Business.  Small Business.  Small Business.

We were told by former US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that Obama Care, the Nation's most oppressive noble regulation, would be of all things: "Affordable.  Affordable.  Affordable."  We were told by President Barack Hussein Obama II that “no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor.  Period.  If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period.  No one will take it away.  No matter what."  Heck, we should have all been all to confident when Health Care guru Magic Johnson stated, "I'm glad that Gov. Scott down in Florida accepted ObamaCare, because it will work."  Like VCR's that are right twice a day, these powerful individuals, blinded by their political dogma and lust for authoritarianism, believed that the government could produce an outcome that history and reason knew was futile.  The result of this barren tyranny was the deceleration of the American economy.  Simply, fewer jobs and less prosperity for you.  The only way that you will overcome the dependency on government and others is to pursue your desire for self-determination.  If you want your sons employed then, put your dreams to work and create that which is needed most.  Teach a man to get a job and he is dependent on the promises of political angels for an eternity.  Teach a man to own and he will fight against any tyranny that separates him from the freedom of creating the job his neighbor needs.

Urban America, Small Business Is the King of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.