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There are two tactics of the Left that boil vile bitterness in my spirit. The two are blame and ignorance. Each tactic has been used by the cherished educated elite of the national rebels against tradition and reason and the urban dwellers that have used these tactics to craft a seemingly eternal defiance of wealth creation and liberty. Ignorance has its origin in the Latin ignorare meaning "not to know, to be unacquainted; mistake, misunderstand; take no notice of, pay no attention to". It is the go to statement of every politician that has ever been given the privilege of serving the least, the last and the lost. Despite years of warring against poverty, we did not know [ignorant] that doing so would destroy families, increase dependence and destroy the fabric of entrepreneurialism in urban America. We did not know that encouraging children in public school settings to practice “safe sex” would defile the purposes and outcomes of public education, increase the risks of out of wedlock sex and introduce urban America to a long term commitment of funding less than successful community projects whose noble intention is to secede powers and responsibilities from parents and ministers to the State. Urban Republicans, seeking to be next in putting their hands on the taxpayer’s till, convey the Gospel of Good Will Approach to governance in the 22nd Century. You wanna hear it, hear it goes. “We need to be a more inclusive party and stop legislating social issues”. Yeah, that’s fine and dandy except, much of today’s legislation is appropriations for social programming that if one taught and enforced principled governance would reduce the strictures of poverty by the assault of the free market and free enterprise rather than by increased government spending and poor government results.

The next tactic used by the Left to preserve a plantation of victim hawks and tax revenue dependents—individual and corporate—is the introduction of blame. Defind as “assigning the responsibility for something bad to (someone or something)”, it cannot be applied willy-nilly. It must be used only on the uncompassionate. The Blameless--innocent of wrongdoing—are always those that pur sue racial harmony by asserting that “the white man” is the only culpit of economic disharmony, always convey that Christianity is okay two (2) hours out of the week or when a politician is seeking re-election for a place to convey that Jesus knows that I care but, it is the bane of existence otherwise and always understands that the “poor” are any persons that feel that they are and that someone else must satisfy their wants and desires. For these, only those that are deemed uncaring are to be blamed. For those that believe Free Speech is not a civil right, the Left has no quandary with assigning “blame” to them for the most outlandish ideas or concepts. Those knighted as “uncaring” knaves of bigotry and hatred are generally those that believe the free market would optimally work with limited governmental intervention and free enterprise would regulate itself for the maximum pursuit of profit and create more than enough ownership and employment opportunities through innovation and investment. President Barack Obama said he had a phone and a pen. He can thank the private industry for producing these items and the employment necessary to provide the tax revenue he needed to create how many Green jobs? Global cooling, Global warming, climate change, weather reports, etc. are all facts. Accept that it is man that causes the seas to rise and the sun to set. A one percent drop in the gross domestic product does not an economy make especially when Americans have so much money that can be seized through higher taxes and fees. However, with the shield of ignorance and sword of blame, the Left, except the elite leadeship, have prevailed upon the urban dweller to support appropriations, legislation and public policies that encourage poverty and unrest and deny prosperity and safety.

Before leaving Facebook for Eternity--as I refuse to be censored, treated like a child and then, encouraged to keep promoting facsism for the sake of sharing pictures with only a select group of family and friends, I was broached by one marketplace idea and one marketplace question. The idea was to encourage DC citizens to build recreation centers to keep “poor” children off the streets and out of trouble. The marketplace question was “what three issues most concern you as a DC voter”? Each of these came from “Civil Rights” Republicans that promote and support Councilmember Muriel Bowser's Campaign to become the Nation Capital's next Mayor. Amazing that Republicans in DC do all that they can to support Democrats rather than build their own brand. I suppose if the chosen brood of “Civl Rights” Republicans were to develop a platform, it would firmly support the socio-poli-economic policies of the Democrats.

Yes, let us consider the marketplace idea. One more recreation center is what “poor” children need to saisfy their overall cultural needs. The most impoverished areas of Washington, DC are populated by Blacks. In lieu of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, we must entertain the poor in the stoic condition of lack. Apparently, the public is responsible for congregating young people in a facility where they can enjoy themselves and relax from the strains of not learning very well in school, not using the public libraries to improve their educational outcomes and not using the variant athletic fields available to reduce childhood obesity. I believed that the facility of choice for providing such pleasure was the home. Yes, poor children, according to our noble intended community organizers, need another center to play midnight basketball in. Let us consider the Black experience under President Barack Obama.

    1. 27 percent of black Americans now live in poverty, a two percent increase since 2009. 
    2. According to last month’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the unemployment rate for black Americans now stands at a staggering 14.1 percent, a figure well above the already high national unemployment rate of 8.3 percent.
    3. White Americans now have 22 times more wealth than black Americans, a figure that has nearly doubled during the recession. According to the Census, in 2010, media household net worth for whites totaled $110,729. For blacks, the figure was $4,995.
    4. From June 2009 to June 2012, real median annual household income for blacks fell 11.1 percent from $36,567 down to $32,498. The drop for whites was 5.2 percent and 4.1 percent for Hispanics.
    5. According to the Census, 26.4 percent of households who report receiving food stamp assistance are African American, despite the fact that black Americans constitute just 13 percent of the total population.
    6. A study by the AARP found that home foreclosure rates for African American borrowers over the age of 50 were almost double those of whites.
    7. High school graduation rates, which strongly influence income and job hiring, continue to vary widely by race. A recent study found the following on-time high school graduation rates: 91.8 percent of Asian students, 82 percent of whites, 65.9 percent of Hispanic students, and 63.5 percent of African American students.

The District of Columbia has done wonders in offering recreation facilities and services in many of the most economically isolated areas. There are twenty-four (24) recreation centers in the impoverished East of the River communities. The unemployment rates of Wards 7, 14.4%, and Ward 8, 21.6%, does not reveal a critical need for play but a sincere need for labor and economic activity. A recreation center will not drive substantive economic growth as much as it will appease do-gooders and muster the intended result: Democrats care and get re-elected.

Most ask why is there so much construction, business and housing development West of the Anacostia River versus East of the said river. The answer for the economic sparseness in Urban America is a simple as ATM. Jesus made it very simple even for those that manipulate the complex, “Where your treasure is, there is your heart”. Banks have as their primary role to take in funds—called deposits—from those with money, pool them and lend them to those who need funds. In the interest of making interest, financial institutions lend money to those that seek to purchase large ticket items, construct buildings and expand businesses. Micro-enterprise development is made easier because of the pooling of resources whether private or public. Those that lack are resourced and their repayments provide interest for depositers and profit for banks and shareholders. Who needs funds more than those that lack? Kathryn Wright writes,

“A bank as a matter of fact is just like a heart in the economic structure and the Capital provided by it is like blood in it. As long as blood is in circulation the organs will remain sound and healthy. If the blood is not supplied to any organ then that part would become useless, so if the finance is not provided to Agricultural sector or industrial sector, it will be destroyed. Loan facility provided by banks works as an incentive to the producer to increase the production.”

The lack of banking activity in Urban America and expressly, the District of Columbia's impoverished Wards, contributes greatly to the entrenched poverty that a recreation center can not solve. According to Dr. Brooks Robinson, economist and director of Blackeconomics.org, black banks are critical to creating loans for black businesses. "Black-owned banks in black communities can even draw the traditionally unbanked poor into the formal economy," Dr. Robinson states. "And [they can] push egregiously exploitative pay-day and check-cashing operations out of business." You won't hear that from the Noble Democrat because its adverse consul. There is no government program involved. You can use your money to get out of poverty. But Ken, you are not the most brilliant man, how did you come up with this? In politics, they told me, “Watch the money”. In education, they told me “Watch the money”. In church, they told me, “Watch the money”. How is it that we don't watch the money in our community? In DC, there are seventy-eight (78) credit unions. However, there are only three (3) that are East of the River. There are twenty-seven (27) banks with a financial footprint in Washington, DC. Only four (4) have stepped over the line of demarcation into the East of the River community. There are two hundred forty-one (241) bank branches in the Nation's Capital. Only nine (9) in the impoverished communities of DC. In addition, Bank of America has closed its South Capitol Street SW branch and moved its financial services to an ATM in Eastover Shopping Center in Prince George's County, Maryland. So what's in your wallet East of the River. Bringing your money home lessens your dependence on government which lessens your taxes and then, lessens the involvement of bureaucrats in your daily lives. Dr. Brooks Robinson, Bank Creation: A Key to Black Economic Development, writes, “...every major city in American with sizeable Black populations should have one or more Black banks. Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to a March 2010 Federal Reserve Board report, there are only 30 Black-owned banks in the U.S.—one for every 1.3 million Blacks”. Imagine if 1% of those 1.3 million would open a $100 savings account and add their payroll or retirement payments in a East of the River federal credit union as religiously as they do a bank on the other side of town? Better schools, affordable houses, more small businesses and greater prosperity will not come with our desires on this side of town but only when our dollars are on the other side of town. Build more banks and private citizens will build more recreation centers known as gyms or yoga therapy facilities!

What draws my greatest zeal is the number of wanabe “conservative” revolutionaries that pride themselves not on finding free-market, free-enterprise alternatives to governmental intrusion into the lives of urban dwellers but seek to rearrange the chairs on the corrupted deck of the Titanic so that public funds from overburdened taxpayers can better be used to make businesses hire “returning citizens”, raise business costs by creating a “livable” wage, build recreation centers to keep social and economic threats off of the street and make homes more affordable through state subsidy rather than private employ. In spite of the deplorable economic and political outcomes of Detroit, Michigan and inner city Baltimore, Maryland, there are those on both sides of the aisle that submit to the status quo waltz as the dance of choice. Heartily, they contend themselves experts in economic development simply by raising taxes on the newfound rich, otherwise known as the middle class and poor, and then, redistributing the enlarged treasuries to their crony capitalists’ friends and political lackeys seeking financial remedy for their campaign support hangover. Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery, writes, “Among a large class, there seemed to be a dependence upon the government for every conceivable thing. The members of this class had little ambition to create a position for themselves, but wanted the federal officials to create one for them. How many times I wished then and have often wished since, that by some power of magic, I might remove the great bulk of these people into the country districts and plant them upon the soil – upon the solid and never deceptive foundation of Mother Nature, where all nations and races that have ever succeeded have gotten their start – a start that at first may be slow and toilsome, but one that nevertheless is real.” There are some men and women that come in the name of Reagan yet, propose the political and economic pursuits of Obama. True conservative revolutionaries seek to change the purpose of the guardians and what they guard. This brings me finally to the marketplace question. The three things that any new mayor should focus on are these: finding as many private, free market answers to today's problems as possible, lessening DC's socialists interests in the everyday lives of citizens and protecting the Bill of Rights rather than inducing the United Nation's Human Rights on us. We will not be freer or more prosperous until many in power and many in pursuit of replacing them for the sake of power itself seek to build wealth creation machines rather than redistributing the wealth of others for building luxury recreation machines. You have a choice this day: Socialism or Conservatism. Choose Conservatism.

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