Friday, July 29, 2016


"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face." 

Americans have been told to accept the "facts".  We are the most racist civilization in the history of mankind.  Just a fact right?  We have a Black Supreme Court Justice.  We have two popularly elected black US Senators representing the Democrat and Republican Parties.  A Black woman serves as Attorney General, the highest law enforcement officer in the Nation.  O yeah, The Great Orator at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is also Black.  Despite 1,000's of Black Millionaires, leaders in every cultural institution and a heritage of over-comers, we must believe that systemic institutional racism is greater than the promise of Our Living God.  Look over there, please.  Nothing to see here.

Americans have been told that our economy is "great".  Our $17.95 trillion economy represents nearly a quarter of the gross world product.  Obama says we are supposed to feel great about our status as an economic superpower.  Yet, he does not promote that he is the "First President Ever to Not See a Single Year of 3% GDP Growth".  According to Louis Woodhill, Real Clear Markets, "if the economy continues to perform below 2.67% GDP growth rate this year, President Barack Obama will leave office with the fourth worst economic record in US history."  Wage Growth is no greater than it was 20 years ago with the average annual income for Americans set at $54,000.  Obama will fiercely hold the Lightweight Belt of Job Growth with unemployment falling from 10% to 4.9% during his presidency.  However, he won't accept the heavyweight title for workforce exit.  The labor force participation rate has fallen to 63%, the equivalent of 11 million Americans giving up on finding employment.  Unemployment for blacks and Hispanics in Urban America remains in double-digits.

We are not even number one in purchasing power in the world any longer.  We have been replaced by the People's Republic of China.  A communist nation that has embraced some free market reforms has surpassed the Nation that built its existence on free markets.  So how does this make you feel?  I ask because Democrat-Socialist reasoning is tied to "how one feels" over what is reasonable.  The July  IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index reveals that only 46% of Americans are optimistic about the future and  64% of the public believes that we are headed in the wrong direction.  Look over there, please.  Nothing to see here.

After weeks of delegate filled conventions, even for the $50 ringers that "occupied" Bernie's delegates at the DNC, many Americans have settled upon their side of the political aisles.  Donald J. Trump has painted an America on the real numbers and realities of life under the heavy fists of a progressive tyranny.  Hillary Clinton, at her Gotham-like convention, has painted a smorgasbord of deficits, death and destruction to reach out to white males clinging to their "God, guns and gays".  Now that its over, the real work begins.

For the remainder of the summer, progressive tyrants, having slept through their czarina's acceptance speech, must emotionally convince you and your neighbor that Lenin really was not so bad for the economy and that Stalin, waiting in the wings, won't be so bad either.  Forget what we did to Trotsky--eh, Bernie!   He's one of ours and we want you to be too.  In our country, we will have no protests.  We will replace dissonant voices with white noise machines.  We promise a loaf in every pot and your right to abort, especially if you are black or Hispanic.  We love the blacks and Hispanics so much that we build population control centers in their neighborhoods and call them medical centers.  No worries, your preacher vouches for us so genocide must just.  By the way, Bill will vouch for her trustworthiness.  Wow, that Bill!  A name that you can trust.  What do you say?

For the remainder of the summer, the Trumpinistas will proclaim that we will put an end to the unconstitutional writ of the executive pen on the first day with an executive order.  We will improve trade by forcing American companies to forgo free market pursuits to benefit the bottom line for their investors and force them to pay high levies if they move to more opportunistic venues around the world.  We will secure a more conservative Supreme Court by threatening the most conservative members of the US Senate and encouraging their replacement with more liberal representatives.  Nothing makes negotiations better than making certain everyone tows the company line.  By the way, you could be a part of something HUGE!  What do you say?

I pray more so than ever that you make a decision centered on wisdom and reason.  After doing so, its time to get in people's faces and convert them.  Wait a minute!  How is it when President Golf Clubs says this, its an Oracle from On High.  When I say it, I am a "fear and hatemonger"?  According to the Urban Dictionary, a hatemonger is:

1.) A person who uses political beliefs or passions of any kind as a platform to express their hatred for another individual.

2.) A media personality who spreads hate under the guise of a political affiliation or a religious belief.

Let us be real.  The only way that we can overcome the status quo is to challenge it.  Sometime in word and other times in voice.  Whether you are an ordinary media personality or a sovereign citizen, your political perceptions and free will passions will set you at odds with some of your neighbors.  However, it is your civic and Biblical duty to establish decency and order.  Our silence has often consented to chaos and poverty.  Silent, we can no longer be.

Let's be honest, some of our neighbors have beliefs that are baseless, free of evidence or reason.  They are comforted by the knowledge that their decisions are shared by others.  In fact, for as long as they remember, every cultural institution pursuits were settled by the fact that all names ended with the letter "D".  The same people that locked us up, denied us employment in lieu of food steps and convinced our women that eliminating their unknown "collection of blood cells" would improve society, all had the letter "D" behind their names.  Apparently, that reasoning does not express hatred for the conceived child or highlight a Biblical passion for prosperity and law and order.  Most will tell you to be silent.  Nobody wants to hear a messenger spewing a conservative message.  Certainly, we do not want to hear you doing that in Urban America.  By the way, you should have gone to the convention.  I could have gotten you a seat for $50.

Sit down, you are rocking the boat.

Urban conservatives, men and women of great reason, if you remain silent then, the results are guaranteed.  The few shall prosper as the many will remain impoverished.  The fruits of law shall be eaten by those with access, power and influence while innocent children perish in the streets without hope that the crimes against their lives shall receive due process.  Our children, trapped in schools that have become treasuries for administrators and altars to union teachers, are corrupted in pursuit of academic success and global competitor.  Terrorists, both domestic and foreign, are threatening the American way of life.  Employment seems always the hope of another government program rather than a entrepreneurial reality of a single mother in the free market.  A Psychological Wall of Systematic Racism has been constructed in the minds of our children assuring comfort in their mediocrity and preventing them from even dreaming of achieving the greatness promised them by the God they serve.  Men and women of reason we can no longer operate in a spirit of fear.  We must extend our love, our power and our sound minds to those in need of ideological immersion and cultural institutional conversion.  By Labor Day, you must awaken the sleeping giant in men and women of reason made dormant by manipulation and domination.


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