Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Barry-Holder Syndrome: A Defeated Generation Clings to the Religion of Party and Poverty


It is written that Sun-Tzu once said, “Warfare is a great matter to a nation; it is the ground of death and of life it is the way of survival and destruction, and must be examined.” Coming after the celebration of the High Holy Days of Spring–Passover and Resurrection, a private examination of liberal public warfare in America seems an essential matter, especially in the District of Columbia. Why the Nation’s Capital? Well, two names illuminated the pathways of survival and destruction in the Metro Voting Scene prior to the High Holy Days–Council Member and Mayor for Life Marion “Dmitri Shepilov” Barry and Attorney General Eric “I’ll Be Back Faster than You Can Say Furious” Holder. In the life and death battle of maintaining the most oppressive and poverty resistant tactics in Urban Polity, Barry represents the survivor and Holder the destroyer. Each is vital to the installation of public policies and laws that defile the political liberties of Constitutional governance in lieu of those that solidify the Utopian financial security of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Economic Bill of Rights. These are men esteemed by their peers for their judicial and political sophistry. In variant circles, they are lauded for their past accomplishments. They are different men sharing the same political ideology. They are men of the “Democrat Civil Rights Generation” [1966 - 2008]. Each found a home for their radical beliefs within President Andrew Jackson’s Party. Each believes that their racial justice and racial politics will reward “the least, the last and the lost” while incriminating those that, by acts of conscience or acts of their descendants, have oppressed such a great multitude. One operates at the federal level. The other at the state level. Yet, their paths mysteriously crossed at the corner of Racism and Voter Fraud in the Nation’s Capitol on Primary Election Day 2012.
Attorney General Holder had made his determination plain many months ago about Voter Identification. For those following along at home, his answer to Texas, South Carolina and especially, Arizona was consistent: NO! By golly, there must be a succinct and logical reasoning for such hardened resistance. Maybe it was the fact that most government programs do not require proof of identification. Wow! Maybe these agencies do not know that I do not need ID to cash a payroll check or to obtain food stamps or to even get anabortion. Wait a minute! You do need ID for all of those. So it can not be that. Maybe it’s because ID costs too much. Yeah, State ID is too damn high! Well, the states had worked out a plan to give free voting ID to eligible citizens. Wow, Republican States giving away Free Voter’s ID! Maybe minorities will respond as Haitians did when they were offered free ID. No this is a definite ploy to suppress the minority vote. Fortunately, in Georgia, where Voting ID has been required since 2006, minority voting participation increased from 513,700 to 741,000 in 2010. Well, what could it be? Racism. In the words of the Great Negro South Carolina Representative in the US House Jim Clyburn, “Jim Crow!” Yes, free voting ID is the equivalent of the poll tax, literacy tests and burning a cross in someone’s front yard. Free Voting ID is a weapon of intimidation equivalent to New Black Panther Soldiers standing outside of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania voting precinct with a billy club. According to Holder, in person voting fraud is rare. So our Republic should not require ID.
“You don’t need it; it’s all right,” the poll worker says. “As long as you’re in here, you’re on our list, and that’s who you say you are, you’re okay.”
Enter James O’Keefe. It seems that when this David enters the Coliseum of Nonsense, many Giants fall. ACORN. PLANNED PARENTHOOD. The next challenger: ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER. Literally, James brought down the house by having an individual go undercover to show that in the Nation’s capital, Voter Fraud occurs. The individual asked a DC Poll Worker if he could vote as “Eric Holder” without ID. The Poll Worker consented. This did not happen once but on several occasions at various precincts. He even interviewed a Security Officer at the Department of Justice that advised him to ascertain ID prior to entering the building. In fact, without ID, he could not. What is the liberal media’s reaction. Of course, this means nothing. Susan Milligan wants you to pay attention to the 619,000 disenfranchised voters in the District of Columbia. Yeah, we are kept here by force, as the Japenese Americans were kept in detention camps during World War II. We are unaware that DC was carved out as a federal city where its citizens would have no voting privileges in the House or Senate unless duly granted. US Constitution Article 1 and Section 8 for my worthy challengers. Kevin Drum would like you to believe that voting is an air tight effort without any threat because “no one in their right mind would cast an illegal vote.” Sanity is certainly not a requirement to perform an illicit activity. However, this Administration is counting on you avoiding the pages regarding ACORN and voting coincidences surrounding the election of Minnesota Senator Al Franken. I suppose all of Minnesota was coo-koo for cocoa puffs when it came to SNL Al.
This Board of Elections will grant zero tolerance to anyone tampering with the vital processes and standards by which District of Columbia voters exercise their franchise, including identifying themselves as a registered voter, affirming their qualifications to vote, and receiving and casting a ballot. The falsification or attempted falsification of any of the above is a criminal offense.”
Whoah, Nelly! Don’t get your dander up, Board Member Stephen Danzansky. You are acting like voting fraud happens all of the time. I surmise that it does not because of teh stealth and vigilant actions of the DC Board of Elections and Ethics. Your zero-tolerance response is certainly not a political one. Yes, avoid talking to Attorney general Eric Holder or the naive poll worker. They know that DC BOEE will not cease its investigations until James O’Keefe is arrested, does a perp walk and is declared guilty by the Court of Public Opinion. You certainly did not want voting identification or perpetrators of voter fraud to slow down the hundreds of thousands that voted in the Democrat laden election in April 2012. What’s that? Only 68,000 people came out to vote. The poll workers must certainly be overloaded with names and ID’s. No. Then, it must have been racial discrimination that a white man was offered to sign “the book” without ID.
It’s unclear if the poll worker followed procedure, although it comports to my personal experiences voting in the District. I’ve often showed up at a polling place with my ID out, to help poll workers with the spelling of my name, only to be told that it wasn’t necessary.
Yeah! Definitely a white thing. This could not possibly happen in the minority communities of the Nation’s Capitol.
      It seems that the High Holiday Election gave cause for pause at the corner of Voter Fraud and Racism. Marion Barry, fresh from a political briefing on racial harmony with “Bull” Connor, let go the basic requirement to be registered as a Democrat: You must despise another race of people overtly and covertly. Should you despise them because they support an Unconstitutional health care reform like Obama Care? No. Should you despise them because they are great entrepreneurs and uniquely outperform all races academically? No. You should despise them because they are Asian!
“We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in, opening up businesses, those dirty shops,” he said in the course of laying out his vision for the ward. “They ought to go. I’ll just say that right now, you know. But we need African American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”
Even the best politicians screw up a point. Especially when you have won a third successive term in office with a whopping 72% of the vote in his Ward 8. You are overwhelmed with emotion. Suddenly, your heart speaks for what your mind persistently withheld in good company. (In all reality, unofficially, he received 5,116 votes out of 7,036 votes cast. Ward 8 has 54,000 voters!) Yes, my friends, Barry’s Economic Platform is simple: Replace ‘em. We have not heard such an Economic Plan since the building of the Trans-Continental Railroad. I suppose when offering summer jobs to unemployed men and women with children is deemed ineffectual then, you just have to go with Plan B. Remember, it was the Asians that caused you to live on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Electronics Benefit Transfer (EBT) Funds. Could not have been that Mr. Barry voted for the Living Wage legislation that requires employers to pay $10 per hour to unskilled workers. Guess DC Businesses need fewer unskilled workers. What do you have to say to your racist brothers and sisters that voted you into office tonight:
Marion Barry’s trending… That’s the illest nigga.
Certainly, as a non-bigotted, non-homophobic renaisance man of the Afro-American community, you would publicly apologize the next morning. Right? No.
Barry ends up calling Cho a “good Asian” — you know, as opposed to all those bad ones — and telling him that he only regretted failing to use a “better set of words.”
Ladies and gentlemen, I am not concerned about Marion Barry. He is long beyond the Road to Recovery. I am concerned because the audience that he spoke with at his celebration APPLAUDED him. The same persons that will spend $25 for a “Remember Trayvon” T-Shirt and March to the Wilson Building to protest Racism in America’s justice system gives a standing O to Barry after his racists comments.
     The Barry-Holder Syndrome gives cover to those that have been empowered by years of racist vitriol, inaccurate cultural perceptions of conservatism, a gold spoon of entitlement and sense that only an elite group of individuals can govern, educate, employ and lead. Yes, what you hear from Barry and Holder are years of liberation theology, public school indoctrination and a social preference to “Miseducate the Negro”. At the intersection o voter fraud and racism, the Black community is always the “victim”. How shall the talented few encourage the masses to achieve economic power: steal it. Whether through the redistribution of wealth or a Socio-Economic Plan that calls for the elimination of the Asian business owner, the prophets of oppression, having amassed their personal fortunes and securities, have only the desire to promote bigotry, chaos and theft. Urban America must review its unadulterated faith in the religion of separatist party politics and “government solution oriented” poverty policy. Barry represents the “Survival” that years of charisma and patronage have yielded a Carte Blanche seat at the Table of the DC Government’s Politburo. No one at the polls can point to any specificity that warrants a return to office. No one can isolate the golden nugget in his latter service that equals the worthy hallmarks of his former service. However, too many have been “bought off” to consider challenging or even replacing one of America’s Great Soldiers of Socialism. Too many have become affixed upon their building project, government contract or special friends license plate to seek a prudent and more profitable remedy. There seems an almost mystical acceptance of his place in spite of his inability to lead a small community out of the grips of neglect and economic decay. You are certainly to hear more about Barry’s private failures than his public legislative successes on the City Council. Holder represents the “Destruction” that comes when Men of Justice must stand before the Courts of Public and Political opinions to receive their just due. Holder, President Ronald Reagan’s appointee to Judgeship on the DC Superior Court, has been around the block a few times as a hired handof the law. I believe to say his recent tenure as Attorney General has been cataclysmic is to say that Mr. Hillary Rosen merely misspoke. Their universal efforts have resulted in bias of justice and despair within the human condition. Barry and Holder have been true ministers of the religion of Party and Poverty to a fallen generation.

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