Thursday, September 11, 2014


There are three words that assure the next Governor of New York will not be Andrew Cuomo. They are Economics, Education and Ethics. I would have used "Rob Astorino" but that's two words. However, in New York, the three and the two are synonymous. Rob Astorino, Westchester, NY County Executive, has a MESSAGE that resonates in the Empire State and Nationally is Followed. We Must Cure First A Culture of Corruption. Gov. Cuomo Only Winks At Waste, Fraud and Abuse Because It Supplments His Campaign Coffers. When Given A Chance to Investigate Himself, his Administration and Albany, He Took the Pathway Most Traveled--Thuggery! Scandal after Scandal is not Lost on the Minds of New Yorkers. Whether in Brooklyn or Syracuse, You Know What Stinks and It Ain't Bad Fish. Cuomo is Synonymous with A Climate of Fear and Corruption. It is Time NOW for Climate Change. You Hear That Dull GOPers. Washington, DC is Corrupt and the Cure Is Cleansing. You Might Want to Focus on Ethics. And the Showers Are Open for Republicans that Can No Longer Smell the Aqua Velva for the Stench of crony Capitalism!

Education? How's It Working for Your State, County or Local Government Now that the Federal Government Has Instituted An Open Borders Campaign Towards Your Child's Classroom? Common Core Is More of A Terror than Inviting Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to A B'nai Mitzi at the Local Synagogue. The unfunded mandate is now used to extort public officials to further dumb down classrooms while racing towards future debt. Why must our children learn that Columbus did discover Asia even if he was a full ocean off and over 800 miles away? Who wants to hurt Jimmy's feelings over that wrong answer. If you want the guarantees of Third World literacy without the travel costs, Just Vote in Cuomo. All Others Choose Astorino. Geez, GOPers, is this Mic ON!?

When a PHD guarantees you underemployment and the Cashier at McDonald's--(Yes, I said Big Mac not Hamburger! That is why they put pictures on the Register!)--Strikes for a Living Wage of $20 per Hour, something is WRONG with this Economy. If Your Fellow Citizen Must Strong Arm Rob the Local Cafe Owner through Protests Headed by Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson to Make It then, Maybe that Wealth Distribution Plan Is Not Working Very Well! There's Gold in D'em Hills and Yet, the DEMS prefer that you Strike It At McDonald's. There Is Oil and Natural Gas Available to End Our Dependency on Terrorist Nations and Europe's Dependency on this Month's PlayBear Centerfold-- Vlad Putin. Our Economy is Being Held Hold Hostage By Raiders of the Lost Minds. If your State Does Not Have Economic Freedom then, America Does Not Have Economic Freedom. Get It. Got It. Good!

Come On GOP! It Can Be As Simple As Economics, Economics and Ethics. Just Ask the Future Governor of New York--Rob Astorino!


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