Sunday, September 21, 2014

Governing or Ruling: Winning New York's General Assembly

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 will come and go.  All things, including election dates, will pass away.  What lingers on is exactly what substance we have placed in the vessels of authority throughout the land   In Proverbs 29:2. it is written. "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."  Yes, the objective of any election is to put the righteous in office.  It is not about Republican or Democrat but, to select those that are just and righteous.  The just are guided by truth and reason.  The righteous act in an upright, moral and virtuous way.  What lingers, when we empower individuals that lack choose to earnestly represent the LIE and even choose to live the LIE, is the sorrow that comes with corruption that is easily explained away by the justification that "other people did it" or "white people been doing that for years".  What lingers is the expense that our children and grandchildren must bear because what is righteous is "polling well" rather than eternally principled.  What lingers is the bitterness of compromise when one campaigned as an orthodox conservative, yielded a liberal voting record and explained it away like a Meet The Press moderate.  What lingers behind is the disgust that one feels while sitting on the Side of I-40 in your 1974 Red Ford Pickup  knowing that you did not just empower this man or woman to represent you but you actually believed what he said and that he do what he said he would do.  Even worse, you feel a wholesome sense of remorse knowing that your new Representative or Senator has Joined the Country Club Better known As the US Congress and he or she ain't coming back.  The absolute disdain fires within our belly when we realize that we have danced this dance before and been left on the dance floor.  Lights blinking.  Smokey room.  She just walks away.  In the mist, all you can think is what could have been.  The true guilt and shame rises within when you know that you are the reason that she walks away.  Political innocence is a wonderful maiden.  however, she is easily replaced by the vile and pompous matron of what is.

New York represents one of the most blatant examples of citizen voters entrusting and empowering individuals with the authority to govern.  Many of the elected respond to this fiduciary acceptance with a fervent dismissal of the gracious intent and a sense of accountability that borders on winsome disbelief  and outright criminal retort.  Many conservatives complain that since the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution, the US Senate has lost its accountability to the States.  This is heinous and must be corrected.  I agree.  However, I believe that since 1787, Americans have placed their full faith and confidence in some individuals that are more content with deleting the US Constitution than upholding.  So how do we correct this pathway.  I say plan for 2016 today.  Elect candidates like US Army Disabled Veteran Peterson Vazquez to Your State and Local Offices   Filling Our Dance Cards with True Conservatives--Individuals That Are Not Worried About A "HOT" Mic--Will Allow Us to Subvert the Punitive Efforts by Moderates to Maintain Control in DC's Establishment.  In addition, We Can Build Farm System of Courageous Individuals In and Out of Urban America to Serve within the Entry and Highest Levels of Office.  Individuals that know that they are chosen to govern, not chosen to rule.  To Restore the Luster of New York as a Global Leader, It Will Take Conservatives' that Voice Their Commitment to Economic, Education and Ethics Reform.   Winning New York Will Be the Start to Winning 2016.


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