Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sowing Political Correctness, Harvesting Cultural Insurrection

Let us Baghdad Bomb Syria!  Let's send 3,000 Troops to West Africa to Fight Ebola!  Let's join with the United Nations to War Against the Windmills of Nature with a Lance of Global Warming!  Let's Fight Against the Wordsmith Terrorists that Profane America's Air Waves with that Heinous Term "Redskins"!  Fight On, Fight On Until Victory is Won!  What's that Pocahontas?  America is Missing the Big Picture?  There Are So Many Weeds in the Big Pasture.  There Is So Little Sand in the Hour Glass.  There is a Profound Threat against the Well-Being of America.  Yes, Terrorists are involved But None Would Be Found in A Library, Unless It was Connected to Congress.  There Are Those Threatening America Domestically by Pen and Overseas by Sword.  Each is Collaborating on Bring Down the Walls of Law and Justice.  The Penalty: Our Republic Dies, Our Nation Suffers and Our Children are Recruited to the Violent Ideological Cause.

The Barrister-In-Chief, President Barack Obama, from His Underground Fortress Called the UN, Has Americans Vacillating Between the Extremes of Global Warming and Biological and Chemical Warfare.  In Each Extreme, We Are Led Around by the Usual Response of Any Liberal Policy Thespian: Blame the United States.  Or Bush!  Our Ideologically Motivated Extremists Overseas Are Directing Your Attentions to Their Ever Increasing Power and Expanding Territory.  Our Economic, Political and Cultural Extremists Domestically Seek to Destroy the Constitution and Lay Open the Greatest Republic in Human History for Conquest at the Borders.  Let Me Be Clear, Charity Starts At Home and Spreads Abroad.  Why Are We Not Protecting Our Borders Before Spending Nearly $75 Million on Tomahawking Empty buildings in Syria?  Kamal Saleem Understands Why and the Explanation Ain't Pretty.  Conservatives Bending to the Politically Correct Moderates Have Encouraged Liberal Extermists to Legislatively and Judicially Weaken America and Jihadist Have Pillaged Impoverished Urban Landscapes and Prisons in Recruiting Willing Accomplices.  They Have Exploited and, Where Needed, Fictionalized Oppression by Race, Religion and Wealth to Court Potential Insurrectionists.  Better than Getting A Basketball Scholarship.  I Suppose.  Yet, as Saleem Contends, We Shall Often Awaken to the Horrors of Poor Judgement, for the Sake of Proving to Others that We Are Good or Nice, because we Did Not Fight Those that Made America Sharia Compliant.  Polygamy and Same-Sex Considered Acceptable Life Styles.  Legislatures Reducing the Effectiveness of the US Constitution and state Constitutions in Order to Allow Muslims to Do Business.  Profaning Common Sense by Stating that There Are Any Muslim Moderates.  We Have Dug the Graves of Our Children and the Extremists Will Bury Them. 

Just As Attorney General Eric Holder Will Pass Away, so Will Obama.  But the Magical Distractions They Have Used to Weaken Us Inside and Out Will Be Long Remembered.  Not Often You Free the Men that Will Soon Decapitate You Own.


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