Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kim Burrell: The Left Sends A Warning Shot to Those That Believe in the Holy Bible

Many on the right are celebrating, with warrant, the ascendancy of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America.  There was a clarion call for Evangelicals and the Faithful to stand as patriots for the cause of liberty and pursuit of justice.  Even Black pastors and ministers broke ranks with the tyrannical clasp of the Democrat Party and allied powerfully with the Trump campaign.  The result was overwhelming.  President-elect Trump won 30 states and garnered 306 of 538 electoral votes.  The gauntlet had been dropped.  The progressives had lost the final battle of conquest to fundamentally transform America into a colony of the United Nations.  The loss was stinging and left them broken in spirit, seeking an imaginary physical "foe" to blame.  The wounded progressive warriors were denied.  In their defeat, they became more resolute.  While many have turned to Trump's Twitter, Russia's Illusion-ed Hack and Senator Charles Schumer's Charge Up Little Bighorn Against Trump's Cabinet Picks, the real war is being played out before our eyes by those that understand that their days in power are few and their ideological conquest wanes as the governments, old and new, transition.  The Party that preserves genocide in Urban America through abortion would do whatever is necessary to advance their Marxist agenda, destined to spiritually and Constitutionally destroy the Nation.  Nothing and no one would be sacred.

Jazz Gospel Singer Kimberly Burrell is not a neophyte in the world of social politics.  Unfortunately, in the bastions of progressive influence, the entertainment and religious industries have actors that deny the principles of Faith.  Each industry seeks to control massive populations through song, dance and drama while spreading the tenets of liberal doctrine.  Many God-fearing believers in the fields, often without safety net, find themselves perilously tight rope walking through issues of abortion, marriage, sex and governance in order to maintain their most important commodity: a paycheck.  Telling a progressive that you believe in the absolute Word of God, whether in a recording studio or a liberal seminary, sets you apart from the reins of profit.  Despite your gentle assertions that you love everyone, just as God does, your forewarning that sin separates one from God makes you an enemy of state.  It makes you an enemy of the political groups that have massive influence, access to voluminous donations and funding--both governmental and non-governmental--and the favor of "community leaders".  The pay for play that is most often identified in the politics of the Nation's Capital is more sacredly observed in the studios of Los Angeles and New York.  In each performance industry, it is becoming increasingly more unlikely to find Bible believers maintaining their acceptance and promotion of the Word of God.  The risks of Faith outweigh the rewards of compromise.  

Burrell has never run for or been elected to public office, she has spent her adult life in two very politically sensitive worlds: entertainment and religion.  She pursued not only success in the music recording world but, speaking of President-elect Donald Trump, reality television.  The Houston songstress was chastised by members of the Church of God In Christ (COGIC) denomination for choosing the secular marketplace to display her Godly gifts for material gain.  COGIC is a pre-dominantly black Pentecostal Holiness Christian denomination that re-affirmed it’s stance against homosexuality during the summer of 2012.  This was done after President Barack Obama, in May 2012, endorsed same sex marriage in lieu of his earlier opposition because of his faith in God.  Burrell challenged the Black Church that she might sing to secular audiences.  Her explanation: “She wants to reach more people with a broader message and church folks need to be more open-minded.”  Her complaint against the COGIC body of "being too religious" justified her using talents to change the world.  Burrell discovered church liberals are more lax in allowing individuals to crossover into the secular marketplace.  However, the "holy order" of the tyrants on the Left are as amenable to Bible believers crossing back as a mob boss is of accepting a "rat fink turncoat" in his ranks.  Believing in God is a sin against the Leftist agenda and it will not be tolerated.  There is a special place in "Hell-on-Earth" for people that say they believe in the Word of God over the Socialist-Democrat Party Platform.  The costs are immense and the price paid is swift.

This brings us to three actors on this great liberal political theater drama.  Burrell, Albertina Walker Female Vocalist of the Year at the Stellar Awards and a Dove Award Winner, is one of the most prominent singers in recording industry history.  While never possessing a Diamond RIAA Certified record,  in an interview on XM Satellite Radio, Harry Connick, Jr. said of Burrell, "if she's not the greatest musical mind I've ever been around, she's certainly up at the top of the list."  She's a devout Christian and Senior Eldress/Overseer-Bishop of The Love & Liberty Fellowship Pentecostal Overcoming Holy Church, since 2010.  

Our second character is Viriginia, Beach, Virginia singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer Pharrell Lanscilo Williams better known as "Pharrell".  Winner of 10 Grammies, if you do not know him then, you may know his chart topping song "Happy".  It rose to number one in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and 19 other countries.  "Happy" sold over 13.9 million units and was the most successful song of 2014.  In an exclusive BET interview, Burrell was asked, "You have the honor of being featured on the single “I See the Victory” from the Hidden Figures original soundtrack.  How did this originally come to be?"  Burrell responded, "I got a call from Pharrell and he said, ‘I have a song that I would love for you to hear and it’s going in a movie that is a life-changing story and I think your voice is the one to convert the song.’ And so I flew out to LA, and I recorded it that night and here we are."  Pharrell refers to himself as a Universalist.  In Billy Hallowell's The Blaze article, Williams advised, "On paper I'm a Christian, but really I'm a Universalist."   With regard to "those who have concluded that God simply doesn’t exist", Pharrell Williams has stated: "It’s so incredibly arrogant and pompous. It’s amazing that there are people who really believe that".  Williams, a devout believer in man-made global warming and climate change, has little leniency, it appears, for the religion of atheism.

The third character is the papal leader of the entertainment world's Church of Present-Day LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ.  She is Metairie, Louisiana's own Ellen Lee DeGeneres, an American comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer.  She's hosted hosted the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, and the Primetime Emmys.  Winner of 29 Emmys, 17 People's Choice Awards, and numerous other awards, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama in 2016.  What is Ellen's religion?  "I was raised Christian Science, which is like ‘mind over matter.’ I think there is something to that.  But I have a problem with a lot of the rules.  I don’t believe the god that I believe in is judgmental.  I think whatever works for you is right.  Heaven or hell is what you create right this minute where you are. You have a choice to live in joy or not.  And that’s my belief.  If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, but I’m not hurting anybody."  I'll take that as "I'm Gay and You Better Believe!"

What's the problem?  There is none when it comes to Pharrell and Ellen.  In their Democrat world, there is tolerance for the religions of universal-ism, climate change and homosexuality.  Their tenets do not oppose one another.  There is immense love and respect because, for one, the behavior does not matter.  God loves everyone no matter what and thus, nothing matters to him and should not matter to us.  Amazing.  I wonder if he has the same feeling for an accountant that steals $1 million from his accounts?  I wonder if he feels this immense love that allows the thief to get away without recompense or due justice?  For the other, there is immense love and respect because they agree politically and I'm not hurting anyone.  Amazing.  Where have I heard that before?  Mohammedanism?  They have profited in the realm of entertainment and religion.  There is room for them on Ellen's stage.  

However, there is no room for the intolerable Old Testament tyrannical God that condemns and punishes and is jealous!  There is no room for a Jesus that speaks in Revelations 21 of those that will not get a Golden Ticket for Entrance into the Pearly Gates of Heaven from Willy Wonka.  You see those that speak from Gospels are committing a sin against society and the State.  They are committing a "Hate Crime".  They are professing "Hate Speech"!  It would be intolerable to have Pharrell suffer on the Cross before all of us on Ellen's Show by singing a duet with the Judas' more commonly known as Kim Burrell.  

The wrath of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ gods was unleashed.

OK!  Maybe Hollywood has dumped her like a loaf of bread covered in fire ants but, certainly she can count on her brothers and sisters to uphold her.  Right?  Texas Southern University, an historically black university (HBCU) located in Houston, Texas, showed Burrell the door on Friday when they advised her they would no longer air her Sunday afternoon radio show.  "Bridging the Gap with Kim Burrell" has been canceled!  End of story!  Nothing to see here.  Move along!

For preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, one month Burrell is the Toast of the Record and Film Industry and the next, she is a deceiver that could lead millions, Christian and not, away from the the Sirens of Progressive Culture.  Where is the Church Industry that has bought hook, line and sinker into the Marxist, Socialist, Communist, There Is Only One God and It Is the State Agenda?  They are just as quiet as a scorpion silently advancing upon its prey.  

"Good Morning, Pastor's Office!  How can I help you?"

"I'm Kim Burrell..."

"O, my goodness, Kim Burrell!  I am so glad to talk to you!  Your songs are so great and gurllll, you can sang!  Our choir director tapes all your songs and gives them out to the choir so that we can sing them on Sunday?"

"Why doesn't he just buy CD's to give to each of the choir members?"

"Gurllll, that would cost some money!  We can't do that.  Pastor's birthday coming up and we gotta get him a good gift this year.  Any who, how can I help you today?"

"Well, Ellen and those that were once on my side have turned against me.  I was supposed to go on Ellen's show..."

"Gurrrrlllllll!  I love me some Ellen!  All of us watch her during Afternoon Prayer Time.  She so funny!  And then, she does that dance and ev'rybody get up and dance wit her.  President Obama danced wit her.  First Lady Michelle danced wit her.  Eeewww, did you know that she had Pharrell on the other day.  Gurrrrlllll, he so cute and he can sang.  It was supposed to be some other woman on dere wit him but, Ellen said uh-uh, she can't be on there.  I was like go head Ellen.  Do you thang.  Run yo bidness.  If they don't like who you love den, don't let dem on your show.  Shoot!  Slavery ober, you can sleep wit who you want."

"May I speak with your Pastor.  I need his support."

"OK!  I kno he's gonna want to talk to you Ms. Burrell.  Hold please."

[Two Minutes]

"Ms. Burrell, Pastor says he's in a meeting and can't talk to you.  He said he would stick up for you but, he don't want to lose his personal license plate that the Mayor gave him.  But, he said he would ask God to lead him in a direction to help and get back to you.  Thanks for calling!  Bye!"

The War on Faith is real.  For those that have sought to tight rope walk your way through two very politically sensitive worlds: entertainment and religion, your days are numbered.  Jesus put it this way:

"No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon". ~~Luke 16:13

The modern day mammon has put a stranglehold on our family, our friends, our neighborhoods and our Nation.  The double minded nature of those that thought merely saying, "I am a Christian but I am open-minded" was enough must open their eyes to the truth.  There are those that have convinced you that they are only going after the "old white guys on the Right".  The truth is that you can not Love God with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength and equally serve the Leftist's agenda.  Only the cause is god and there will be no other.  The Christian Post reports, "More than 2,400 self-identified faith leaders and nearly 10,000 "moral activists" have signed an open letter from a progressive faith group demanding a meeting with president-elect Donald Trump in the hopes of having him advance a "moral agenda."  They saw what Evangelicals and Christians can do when they come together.  That is UNITY.  They fear that you know this and will continue to "rinse and repeat" in the electoral process.  If so, the Left will eventually lose everything that they have done over the past 100 years to steal, kill and destroy the Providential Promise that is America.

The Left fears that they will be without power, access and influence.  Like a plant, the Left would die in the room without light, water and attention.  Kim Burrell is the sacrificial lamb.  There must be one.  She has been put forth by those on the Left as a symbol of their resolve.  They are willing to suffer collateral damage, lest it be you, to return to the point where they had absolute power of governance.  

Pharell Is An Embarrassment to Strong Black Men Everywhere!  He does not mind getting paid to song-write "Hidden Figures", a motion picture about three strong black women that overcame all odds to help America produce an incomparable space exploration program.  The Tolerant Left, Inclusive of Black Entertainers, Have No Place in Their, Hearts, Souls or Minds for Those Willing to Preach the Word of God Before Men. I Have Neither Honor or Respect for Either As They Assassinate the Character of a Godly Woman. I Won't Watch Ellen or Buy Her Goods and Services. Neither Will I Support Pharell in Any Economic Capacity. Pastor Kim, Stand With the Lord. He Will Lift You Higher Than Any Upon the Earth.

By the way, Kim, you say that no one is there to support you.  I want you to know, "I AM".  If you will, I offer you the 1 PM ET time slot on TECN® in partnership with SHR Media to broadcast "Bridging the Gap with Kim Burrell.  I hope that you will not allow my political beliefs to interfere with a prudent consideration of my offer.  We no longer have any room for intolerance.   






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