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Spelman: From the Genesis of Moral Liberation to the Revelation of Immoral Indoctrination

There is none other.

Howard University is affectionately referred to by many as the "Ivy League Institution of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's)".  However, it is not ranked Number One (1) amongst HBCU's as one of the nation's top liberal arts colleges by U.S. News & World Report.  That title is jealously possessed by the women of Spelman College.  Claflin University, the first HBCU to surpass the benchmark of 50 percent alumni giftings, is recognized for graduating the most faithful contributors.  In fact, 52% of Claflin alumni provide the institution financial support.  However, very few HBCU's can compete with the financial contribution machine that is Spelman.  Between 1986 and 1996, the college raised $113.8 million, including a $20 million gift from Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille Hanks Cosby, whose daughter graduated from the illustrious educational mecca.  Such liberality of giving by others alleviates graduates of the responsibility of giving back to the institution.  In their frugality, Spelman alumnae, 32% in fact, contributed more than $2 million to the College during the fiscal year 2017.  Difficult to comprehend why so little when 97% of the students receive financial aid, however, it apparently is par for the course in overall college giving.

Literally, Spelman is the King--eh, Queen--of HBCU's.  As much bluster is uttered among the collegiate society and HBCU graduates, the truth reigns: "As Spelman Leads, All Others Follow".  Yes, Morehouse Men, I know that you are offended, feeling dissed that the women are judged your leaders.  However, when your 4-year graduation rate rises from a paltry 39% to an elite 69%, as Spelman's, then, you will take your place.  It is no longer enough to tell people that Dr. Martin Luther ("Luffa") King, Jr. graduated from your fine institution.  When 61% of your admission can not follow in his foot steps, there is a real problem.

I digress.

Spelman has no overall rival.  This is why their unfortunate Board Room acceptance of the Black Lives Matter / Radical LGBTQ Agenda should be of significant concern to those considering college or university admissions for their high school student in 2018 and beyond.  Spelman College, this month, announced that it will begin admitting transgender students to the renowned black women's college.  President Mary S. Campbell, in writing to the "sisterhood", advised:

"As a result of this extensive study, I, as president, along with the Spelman leadership team, and the Board, concur on the following admissions and enrollment policy: Spelman College, a Historically Black College whose mission is to serve high-achieving Black women, will consider for admission women students including students who consistently live and self-identify as women, regardless of their gender assignment at birth. Spelman does not admit male students, including students who self-identify and live consistently as men, regardless of gender assignment at birth. If a woman is admitted and transitions to male while a student at Spelman, the College will permit that student to continue to matriculate at and graduate from Spelman."

In the Leftist's ever evolving definition of gender, I am more confused as ever.  Maybe I should not be since I spoke with my Redeemer this morning and he advised me that no "hormone" shot can alter my Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).  He created male and female and that process has not stopped since the Garden act of humanity.  Yet, a much wiser task force than the Trinity hails the environmental and intentional alterations beyond the primary scope of DNA as grounds to change admissions policy.  The “something more than genetics” science crew got together with the college's legal aid society to craft a formula for admission that bends the straight ways of reason and curves the well-worn protections of the Republic.  Literally, we now have to look under the hood to matriculate through America's Number 1 HBCU.

I suppose all of this makes sense, especially in a time when people of color blame a Confederate statue for their child's, who wears $300 Nike tennis shoes and possesses a 32-inch television with Nintendo Switch Gaming Console in his or her room, inability to perform well academically.  Damn that General Robert E. Lee statue in the park that I have never taken my children to see or driven pass!  It is that dang statue that keeps our people down!

The politically correct reference this foolishness as "political correctness".  The idea that as the society--radical, militant Leftists--evolves then, we must change all customs, traditions, and principles to keep up with modernity.  No longer are men "men" or women "women" but, they are an ever changing flow of atoms in the particle beans of life.  Surely, as Stevie Wonder can blindly see global warming, mankind must accept that private, all women colleges must adapt, bend a knee, and accept men that graduated from the RuPaul Academy.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we should have seen this coming in 1959 when Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemon, and Tony Curtis got together to do "Some Like It Hot".  Apparently, if I am completely understanding Campbell, Jack and Tony could be admitted to Spelman.  Marilyn could enter stage right as a woman and leave stage left as a man.  That meets the new Spelman matriculation guidelines.  If Marilyn dressed as the Marlboro man, she would not be considered for admission to the Freshman class.  Spelman’s new policy excludes the daughters of singers R. "Golden Showers" Kelly and Sade—Jay Kelly and Ila Adu—both of whom are women that live as men.  I'm quite certain that the alumni contribution team is slightly upset about that decision.  Returning to the example, Marilyn Monroe could enter as Marilyn Monroe and graduate as Marilyn Manson.  The world will be alright and ESPN may extend the Arthur Ashe Award at the convocation.

The real question here is, "As a parent, are you okay with this adoption of the Black Lives Matter / Radical LGBTQ Socio-Political Agenda?"  In the post-"Jim Crow" age, a parent must fully consider the overall value of an education at the institution selected by their high school senior.  If you are investing $45,000 annually, without financial aid considerations, then, is this the environment, since the epigeneticists believe it impacts your DNA, that you want your 100% daughter or slightly confused son to receive their education?  Campbell admits that Spelman, the HBCU leader, is following other colleges around the Nation, "taken stock of the competitive environment for institutions of higher education".  This Administration unpinned itself from its moral foundations to remain competitive in a dying world.  Why?  They fear that you will allow your child to go somewhere else and your dollars will go with them.  Additionally, this isn't the group of Rockefeller Christian Republicans that founded this institution.  Don't look so shocked.  Yes, John Davison Rockefeller Sr., whose wealth was once equal to 2% of the Nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), funded the origins of this institution.  In fact, the college was named for Rockefeller's wife, Laura Spelman Rockefeller.

Rockefeller was a Christian.  Hillsdale College's History Chairman, Burton Folsom Jr., said this of Rockefeller, "...he sometimes gave tens of thousands of dollars to Christian groups, while, at the same time, he was trying to borrow over a million dollar to expand his business. His philosophy of giving was founded upon biblical principles. He truly believed in the biblical principle found in Luke 6:38, "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.".  He was a Radical Republican Abolitionist.  Traveling through the South, he paid for the emancipation of a slave.  He was a conservative.  A stalwart of the Efficiency Movement, Rockefeller emphasized the use of scientific research and economic principles of efficiency, and utility maximization to ensure that government and industry worked to their full potential.  He was a subscriber to the motifs of personal responsibility and individual sovereignty.  He did not want not-for-profit institutions to become dependent on his giving so, he established conditional grants.  He advised that colleges and universities should "root the institution in the affections of as many people as possible who, as contributors, become personally concerned, and thereafter, may be counted on to give to the institution their watchful interest and cooperation".  Yes, the alumni were supposed to stand and deliver after receiving an initial investment.  Yes, kiddies, nobody owes you anything!  He was certainly most notable as a capitalist.  America's first billionaire believed strongly that his purpose in life was to make as much money as humanly possible and then, use it wisely to improve the conditions of mankind.

The Rockefellers' donated money and supported the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary, whose mission was in line with "their faith based beliefs".  In 1884, the college was renamed Spelman Seminary and later, Spelman College.  However, I question if the Rockefellers, if in the same place today, would even consider visiting the campus.  I doubt that they would be invited to speak or visit.  Would they have opened their purse to an institution that used such resources of staff, research, and capital to come to the conclusions of Campbell and her task force?  I believe that they would not have done so.  Although imperfect, their Faith mattered more than anything else.

In the Urban community, the common level of recruitment involves the phrase, "Don't choose one of those 'other' schools!  Go to an HBCU.  They care about you."   If the College's Administration is willing to sell out on its foundational mission then, will your child receive the utmost care?  The Radical LGBTQ lobby, for the sake of rewriting the Republic's values, presses people to accept the phrase "gender identity disorder (GID)".  Anxiety, fear, and discomfort are not overcome by hormone shots and a new suit from the Men's Warehouse.  If that were then, those that have fully converted genders would not suffer as reported.   For those that have had a sex change, fifty-one percent (51%) attempt suicide, have deep regret, or will not adjust.

"Studies in America and Holland report one in 20 post-operative transsexuals changes his or her mind after surgery, and one in ten never adjusts and often becomes deeply depressed. The Transgender Task Force reports 41% attempt suicide."

Nor should a college or university submit to the secular pursuit of society orchestrated by Black Lives Matter.  In the creation of Black Villages, BLM states, "We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, and especially “our” children to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable."  In addition, BLM refers to Transgender Affirmation as,"We are committed to embracing and making space for trans brothers and sisters to participate and lead.  We are committed to being self-reflexive and doing the work required to dismantle cis-gender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence."  The centering by a college to make women antagonistic towards men does not solve problems but creates them.

The real losers are the generations that follow as they have to deal with the Miseducation of the Negro.  In the end, as parents and high school seniors consider college and university choices, they must ask themselves, "What Price Am I Willing to Pay to Sacrifice My Faith and Values?"  If it is attending a school where political correctness is more important than the pursuit of truth then, there is an All Women's College in Atlanta, GA that awaits your son's or daughter's application.

Kenneth McClenton 
is an Urban Conservative Whose Mission Is to 
Spread the Good News of Christianity, Conservatism, Capitalism, Constitutionalism, and Individual Sovereignty throughout the World.  
Devoted to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, He Believes that in Order to Save the United States, We Must Mutually Pledge Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor to Save Urban America.


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